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Why Game Companies Stopped Making Games (clickbait: just release less games)


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Have you noticed how there are less and less big releases each year?
Have you noticed less creativity?
Have you noticed GaaS taking more and more room?
It's the money. MinMaxing is the only thing that matters now and companies realize they can earn more not by making honest good games but gaas.
Of course we still get few great amazing games each year. But I still feal it's kinda rarity.
It feels like nothing came out since Elden Ring this year... I know it's not true but let's not cheat ourselves, we are just waiting for god of war.

It's nothing new. Look at some of the games that released in 2011 alone. Not to mention 1997, 2004, 2007 and so on.
(Now, I know that's imdb... and not all games on there are notable.. and the order is beyond wrong... but it's nice and compact and I didn't had to write so many titles!)

Some of my fav games came out in last few years but it still feels like the industry is drying up.
I know there will be posts "but my backlog is huge!" "gaming is better than ever"... it's not about that. It's about here and now.

edit: Interesting video too. More about gaas.

From my point of view - I never understood playing only 1 game religiously for years.
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AAA single player games are a dying breed, for the most part.
It pains me immensely, but what can we do. There is just too much easy money in GaaS. If Sony also goes the GaaS way, then I guess only Nintendo will be left. And their games cater less to my tastes anyway.

Sucks. Till 2013 or so was an amazing Era for us single player gamers.
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Yeah no, managing a GaaS is harder than releasing a single game with a few small patches.


Yeah it sucks but it's just the way it is.

On the one hand you have demand for every increasing visuals and content making dev times for traditional games longer.
On the other hand you have GaaS showing that it's more profitable to support a few games over a long period of time rather than pushing out sequels ASAP.

Though to be fair Covid was a factor too. I'm sure at least some of the game that got pushed to 2023 would have come out this year if it wasn't for Covid delays.
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