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Why does Logitech have a white Xbox Series X?


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A white Xbox Series X has appeared in a Logitech commercial. The white model appears in a new ad for Logitech’s Astro Gaming line, featuring the new A30 wireless headphones that are compatible with Xbox Series X, PS5, and more. The commercial shows a white Xbox Series X alongside a regular PS5 and the white and pink Blue Yeti microphones that were part of a collaboration between Logitech and Blue.

Logitech might have chosen to use a custom white wrap on the Xbox Series X, but the company hasn’t customized any other products shown in the ad so it would be an odd choice to single out Microsoft’s console. VGC spotted the white Xbox Series X earlier today.
Microsoft currently only ships the Xbox Series X in black, and it uses white for its more affordable Xbox Series S console. The Xbox Series S also ships with a white controller, which is also visible in Logitech’s ad.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft to comment on why Logitech has a white Xbox Series X model, and whether Microsoft is planning to release this to the public. We’ll update you when we hear back.

After the white Elite 2 controller, you know what's coming...
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Mr Hyde

White Series X looks much better than the black one. MS needs to get with the program and match their console with Switch Oled and PS5.


The set designer:"Guys, that black xbox won't do. Can we paint it white?"

Then again they have that pink dildo mic so what do I know about anything.
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Looks good in white.

Maybe they were given a white one to use before it was even announced. Or, they just wanted to keep the aesthetics white with the only colors appear on Logitech products. Although the PS5 has a fair amount of black on it.


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I don't know, Xbox/Phil have a history of leaving things on shelves on purpose and MS was working with Logitech on this one. Every other item on that shelf is available in white without mods, I'm calling it, incoming while series X.
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