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Why did most open world games follow the Assassins Creed formula instead of Skyrims formula?


Ubisoft's design is easier to implement via mainstream dev processes, I'd say. One AC side-mission, task or activity = one agile user story.
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I think reviews is another reason. From what I'm seeing only the souls games and Zelda seem to be praised for the way they don't hold your hand.

I think if any new IP was try do the same, reviewers would really struggle and potentially give it bad scores.
Most of the games that place markers on the map also allow you to turn them off.
And the video that was shared of NPCs in Skyrim just showcases how much of a wasted effort it really is since it's not perfect.....at the end of the day it's not a real world. If you want to play in that world, step outside I guess lol.
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