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Why can't we have a Kyle Rittenhouse thread?

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Well, i guess it is time for you to blame fake news media huh?


I actually looked up the news after the posts here, saw parts of I what was reported was wrong and actually said my comments were based on the news at the time and it only came to my attention when his sentencing was coming up.

I literally posted that.

Why would I say fake news?


I whole heartedly agree to this.
As someone who is rooting for usa against china and growing number of autocratical regimes it just feels bad to see there are huge amount of people that act against their own country and individual freedom in every possible way .
They'll end up destroying each other and we'll end up china as the most powerful country.
Exactly, it seems that their sole aim is to divide people, constantly. This isnt the 60's anymore, most kids nowdays dont care what colour you are, hell half of them want to be unicorns or some guff but these people i'm watching are just pure abhorrent racists and are allowed to get away with it

If these arseholes would even pay a piece of mind to what martin luther king said it could be such a better place, but no, constant baiting for zero reason

Disgustng people. I'm just glad that normal level headed people seem to be (slowly I might add) waking up to this shite.

But saying that, we had all this after the Euro finals, we were called a racist nation, we were told murals had been defaced with racist slurs when that wasnt even the case..

So what does that tell us? They want us this way, the thing is? We're not.

Well done that jury, god knows what they must of been thinking with those arseholes outside shouting for more riots..

God bless America, common sense shined through and rest assured us normal level headed brits are behined you! I think both our countries need to get this crazy out.
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