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Which PC game digital distribution services have you used in the last 12 months?

Which PC game digital distribution services have you used in the last 12 months?

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Steam. It took the game-sorting spot on my computer, so I'm not going to mess around with some other client and have to remember which one had which games. It's also the best designed and I'd even say I've become biased toward Valve as a company because they've just been so damn awesome. If I can't add something to Steam I won't use it.


Just steam. I'm a lazy pc gamer who wants simple and quick access to my library so I just stick with my steam overlords. I'm an on/off wow player who may relapse after 18 months away when cata releases, but haven't used anything other than stream in the last year.


for me it's always Steam=GOG>>>Impulse

I use Impulse mostly for either Stardock's own games or games that aren't on Steam (ex. The Sims 3)


I use Steam mostly, but I will use Impulse for Stardocks stuff, or if they are having a sale that I want to take advantage of.

I also use GoG.
I was honestly unaware that GameTap still exists, and have never heard of GamePlanet before.

I've used Steam, GOG, D2D, and publisher specific sites (TelltaleGames.com, Ubi.com during that $1 glitch, a few indie dev bundles).

Oh and I have used OnLive but haven't bought anything...


brain_stew said:
Do you get access to more indepth data Evilore?

It'd be interesting to see how many people use Steam exclusively or whether most of those that make use of the other services use Steam as well.
Well from the numbers you can calculate that only 1.91% of people who have bought a game digitally bought nothing from Steam.


In order of usage:


I was a long time Gametap subscriber until they unilaterally cancelled my subscription and tried to resell a new plan at a higher price. Haven't used them since and most likely won't ever again.


Evilore put up this poll at a really bad time. Gamesplanet totally got robbed of at least 2 more votes, since I know some gaffers have bought the exclusive killer app Gray Matter in the past week.



I played bejeweled on there, but thats really the extent of my dd pc gaming.

For some reason, i feel much more comfortable buying dd content on consoles, probably because i reinstall windows from time to time, and i never know about the drm of dd pc games.
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