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When we changed our minds about video games and we were wrong

Original demon souls. People were raving about it but when i looked at some footage, it looked terrible! Sony eventually put it on PS plus, so I gave it a go. I was hooked!

Made me realise that Watching footage of a game vs actually playing a game is very different.


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Monster Hunter, I had taken several swipes at it on the PSP but it wasent until Tri on the Wii that it finally clicked.

Before it I thought the game as a tedious chore, which if you compare it to more recent entries with the streamlining it could be described as such. But after Tri... and it's.... intresting underwater mechanics, I started to appreciate the titles more, it was a game that you got more out of when you put more in.

Kind of hard to describe but the game actually got easier the more you played, because as a low rank hunter you had to work for everything as mechanics where slowly unlocked for you. Once you had a number of options the game really opened up and you could effectively plan and engage specific monsters in hunts chasing a specific armour/weapon combo's to chase other specific monsters, it became one of my fav series every.

The streamlining found in World and Rise didn't bother me like alot of the older fans, I was just happy to have a version that now looked as good as it played. Little sad they got rid of the ranged/melle unique sets for each monster though.
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Mr Hyde

Demon's Souls

First played in 2010 around its release. Thought it was absolute garbage and shelved it for a couple of years. Went back to it in 2013 and finished it, absolutely loving it. I then went on and platinumed Dark Souls 1, 2 and 3, Bloodborne and Sekiro. Currently loving Elden Ring. My favorite franchise of all time.


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I get the feeling if I gave it another shot, I might actually be able to tolerate Death Stranding.


All the leaks pre release. Mass internet hate boner on the game because Abby got some muscles.
The game took my like good 15-20 hours until it finally won me over with it's rollercoaster of emotions.
By the end, I loved all of it and totally let go of my pre-release hate. Now I can totally see why some stubborn people still hold to that feeling of hatred... because they were too stubborn to give the game a chance.
I remember having a talk about this topic with you here :)

On topic :
Control - Didn't really like it when I first played it on PS5, wanted to try some RT, but it wasn't fun. I didn't understand the game and quit like 5hours in.
But somehow I couldn't get over this and tried again some weeks later, this time in 60 fps mode and boy - I loved the game. The gameplay, switching between powers and weapons and tweaking your weapons slighly, the atmosphere, the aesthetics, architecture, setpieces ...
I am so glad I gave this game another chance. Some days later I platinumed it.


I couldn't play Halo on the Xbox because I hated playing FPS with a controller. I had a blast with Halo Infinite last winter with my controller on my PC ( hooked up to a TV)

Werewolf Jones

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I wasn't interested in playing Nier Automata because of the 2B shills.

Played the game and when IT happens... I was like YOOOOO WHAT THE FUCK? Fire game from that moment onward. The coomers enhanced the experience.
I stopped playing video games because I decided they were too expensive and I decided working on my cars, getting laid and making friends was a better use of my time and money.

What a colossal mistake.


This is absolutely correct. It's kinda weird that the op first had a factually and totally objectively correct opinion, but then changed his mind to the clearly wrong opinion. Weird.
Whatever you say. He gave the series a real chance, unlike you and your glorified opinions.
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