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what's your favorite total conversion/major overhaul mods?


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Mods are usually small adjustments made to a game, nude mods for all the horny weirdos who like it, or slight gamemode changes for the fun of it, but sometimes there are the mods that go above and beyond and feel like something that could easily be published as a 20 dollar single player experience on storefronts. One such mod is The Golden Souls 2 for Doom (1993) which is such a radical overhaul of the game in every sense. It's basically doom, if it were mario. Platforming is heavily emphasized, enemies are redesigned to look like doom takes of mario enemies (one of the most cursed ones is the shyguys) and it's overall far more colorful and lighthearted than Regular Doom. It's an extremely well made and absurdly fun mod, and when i first played it i stayed on for 5 hours straight, just going through the levels. It was THAT good.
We've mentioned Mario in Doom, but how about SONIC in doom? Sonic Robo Blast 2 is so much of a complete overhaul that it's a mod, that has MODS. It has a modding scene that's somehow up there with the original game it based its engine off of. And that's not even going into the vanilla game, which used to look like an amateur sonic project made by a school kid... before the 2.2 update in 2019, which turned it into an actually really fun singleplayer experience. It's about as sonicy as it gets, you've got special stages, bonus stages, and a whole ass campaign of a shitton of acts, zones, and bosses to play through. The best part? All of this content, and it's not even FINISHED yet. The plans they have for this game is so much grander than the trailer let on, and they're planning a lot of major reworks, such as the physics and some of the preexisting acts. As is though, you shouldn't wait for it to be finished, because it's already a great game in its current state, and you should play it NOW! there's never been a better time to be an SRB2 player.
To be frank, i don't know many total conversion or major overhaul mods outside of doom, but man there's a lot of them to go around.
Castlevania, Simon's Destiny is the 3d castlevania konami REALLY should have made 25 years ago. You'd think that first person castlevania would be a complete and utter fucking disaster. You're wrong. It's such a faithful translation of the original NES games to 3d. For one thing... The level design is better. I'm not joking. While original castlevania mostly set you through a linear path with enemies to fight and not much objective outside of that, simon's destiny has quite its fair share of alternate routes, hidden secrets, and keys. It's no symphony of the night in terms of how open it is, but it's a refreshing and fun take on castlevania's level design. All of the subweapons, enemies and bosses translate quite well to 3d, too. And to top it off, it's the best looking game on this list. The visuals are like if 16 bit Castlevania and Doom had passionate love sex. They managed to convert the artstyle of the 2d 16 bit games into 3d perfectly. The craziest part, is that the creator managed to make a mod THIS good... in 2 months. Even if you aren't gonna play it, at least applaud him for being so damn efficient and talented.
That's enough of my rambling though, as i said, i only really know much about Doom TCs. I'd love to hear perspectives from other communities here at GAF!
Edit: i just saw that the same person that made golden souls 2 made Simon's Destiny. This guy is one of the most talented modders i've ever seen.
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