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What's next for the Mario Kart Series [Open World , Rocket League] / Also, What's your Favorite Track?

If your thinking "OPEN WORLD MARIO KART!?! THATS CRAZY" here me out.

it actually has not to do with the market embracing open world in every game now (though in a way sort of). It actually has to do with Nintendo themselves:

With Browser's Fury taking Super Mario to larger maps...

and Pokemon Legend bringing Pokemon World to a bigger scale

Nintendo could introduce open world by expanding upon track like Mount Wario which are segmented course that are divided into three sections (no looped tracks

and with "switch Pro" reporting to be using Nvidia's DLSS, it could be possible.

What ideas would you like to see in the next mainline Mario Kart?


I expect it'll get the Smash Bros treatment. Fresh new characters people love and tracks based on their games will open up the series a lot. I'm all in on Karting around Zebes with Ridley flying around throwing fireballs everywhere.

Favorite track? The Electrodrome.
Yeah, I could use another mk. Save it for the new model though.

As someone who played like 300 hours on Wii U the switch version is kinda not that exciting anymore lol.

Dr Bass

Open World Mario Kart basically sounds like Diddy Kong Racing. They should really bring that back with that style, nothing wrong with having two great Nintendo themed racers on their platforms.

Does Nintendo still make games? Feel like I can hardly tell these days.
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