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What would like to see happening from Microsoft and Nintendo’s relationship ?


( WARNING : This thread is going to be kind of a long read, you’ve been warned. After all, I need to get used back to typing ! :D )

What’s up GAF, in case you’ve been wondering where the hell I was recently, I have something to say :

Now real quick, before going on the topic of the thread, I’d like to give a brief explanation of my absence over the last two weeks and, you probably may have seen it, why I request a ban during that period. Well to start up with, I’m really really happy to finally see you guys again, it’s quite unusual for me to care this much about gaming forum members, but from the day I’ve joined GAF, the heartwarming welcome and quality members have meant so much to me that this motivated me to do my best to put out quality threads. So I just want to say, thank you all so much for staying true to yourself, for making this forum live everyday, and paving the way on how a true united gaming community should look like. You guys are beasts, and sorry if I didn’t warn most of you guys over my ban, because I really didn’t have time to waste because of how all the work that was awaiting. Since we’re approaching the mid-year, it’s common for me to be judged on how good I am doing at work and how eligible I am for continuing to work there. So I had to make sure of really outdoing myself, and not risking of losing unnecessarily concentration, so the next thing I had to logically do is to ask a mod to ban me off GAF during this two-week period so I didn’t get tempted.

But hey, now that these two weeks have gone and that I made my part, I’m happy to confirm that I am in good shape, and stoked as hell for this E3., although I feel like the good thing of taking a break off Internet is that you don’t risk getting leaked everything. And that’s perhaps my biggest concern for those last two days that awaits us, I’m worried that all my efforts and patience would have been wasted because some jerk leaked everything ahead of E3, making it look like going to a surprise birthday party, while knowing that it’s a surprise birthday party. I’m asking this as a personal favor, but if you guys really make an effort of not mentioning any other new leaks during then to keep the effect of surprise ( ‘cause boy do I love being surprised ), men I would be eternally grateful to you GAF. I have nothing about discussing rumors and all this shit, it’s nice to see other people putting out their educated guesses on the matter, but it’s important to not overhype ourselves for reasons beyond them and end up being disappointed to the point where this will lead to a form of damage control and eventually create pointless hate or toxicity against other gamers, because sane discussions are what makes good gaming forums never forget that. At least in my opinion, but I just wanted to share my advice with you guys. Now on to the topic of the day !

Now, because the Xbox E3 briefing is just two days away and that this will perhaps be THE highlight of this E3, I think it would be interesting to discuss about another potential highlight within the conference itself based on how Microsoft and Nintendo’s current relationship will lead to something big, that still would have be seen as impossible just one year ago !

I mean, there’s no denying that Microsoft and Nintendo are pretty much in bed together as of today. We had the Xbox Live features in Minecraft available on the Switch, the Minecraft « Survive Together « commercial promoting cross-play ( with a Switch and Xbox One controller in a same ad ), and the recent release of Cuphead on the Switch which seemed to did extremely well in the charts ( from what I’ve seen in the Europe eShop charts at least, Cuphead stayed at the first place of almost a whole month ! ) to the point where they decided that releasing the game this time on Tesla cars in the future seems to be the next logical platform for the game to land on, for some... reason. One thing’s for sure though, don’t be surprised if the upcoming “ Delicious Last Course “ DLC for the game also releases on Switch. Keeping it to the Xbox as an exclusive would be a no-brainer given of how darn well the game sold on the Switch.

But given how well Cuphead seems to be doing, is there any other potential Microsoft can get out of any other games or services they have in their stock and collaborate once again with Nintendo hands in hands to give them a chance on the console with the most momentum right now ?

Here a list of educated guesses that I can quite frankly easily see happening, remember, they’re just personal predictions, so to each their own thoughts regarding what I have to say, feel free to do so in the comments, let me know what you think ! :

Rare Replay Switch Port - A port of the 30-games compilation not only would be great, but would also make a lot of sense for Microsoft to do it. First, obviously when you think about Rare, you think about games like Perfect Dark, Jet Force Gemini, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Donkey Kong Country, Goldeneye 007, and so on. Many argue that Rare games from nowadays are kind of average and that don’t capture the sense of genius that made all the games listed below classics as we know if, but everyone agrees that Rare’s partnership with Nintendo was the best thing that ever happened not just to them but to the gamers back in the SNES and Nintendo 64 days. Even after having been acquired by Microsoft, Rare still pulled out some games on Nintendo systems. But porting Rare Replay on the Switch would definitely be a welcomed way of reforming a once-glorious relationship, and adding in as a bonus Nintendo IP-based titles would definitely be the icing on the cake.

Halo Master Chief Collection Switch Port - Ever since the infamous Halo DS prototype, players have been giving the doubt to dream that one day, Master Chief will land on a Nintendo system. And if Nintendo and Microsoft truly decides to cement their relationships by porting in a major Microsoft IP to do so, what any better choice can there be than Halo Master Chief Collection ? Obvisouly, a game like Halo would be major, and if some serious effort was made into porting all of these games ( which I think would be difficult not gonna lie but doable if ported by proper hands ), I can already imagine playing all the Halo games at 60fps/720p while taking a shit. Let a man dream, for fuck’s sake.

Gamepass/xCloud on Switch - this is arguably the most unlikely ( to some extent ) educated guess I can possibly make, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not completely out of the question. Sure, since the Switch isn’t powerful enough to run all the major AAA games, one solution would be to able to stream the games, provided you have an excellent internet connection, and most gamers sadly don’t have a good enough bandwidth rate. But if the rumors of Microsoft teaming up with Nintendo to bring Xbox Gamepass on Switch through xCloud do end up being true. Holy shit, this would obviously be a killer move. By just paying about 10 bucks a month, you have access to the hottest games and recent Microsoft exclusive releases. Making Gamepass available on Switch would obviously help address the issue of lack of third-party support and, because of portability, create insane possibilities for the gamer that just a year ago wouldn’t have been deemed even doable to happen. But as time passes and Microsoft tries a different approach to selling their games onto platforms that aren’t their, letting the Gamepass, or the xCloud at the very least, arrive on Switch would be a key factor on whether gamers would be all in for games from any systems being playable on any devices or rather stick with their marks and play games “ the real way “ for them, although like I said, latency will likely be the biggest restriction on streaming unless Microsoft, with its thousands of data centers and billions in his chest, find a solid alternative to the matter. This is personally the possibility that I’d like to see happen the most, but we’ll just see how far things goes.

Microsoft representative in Smash Bros. - This one seems to be a quite, in terms of what several recent rumors seems to suggest, plausible possibility seeing as Banjo-Kazooie is likely to join the roster of Super Smash Bros Ultimate pretty soon. It would be major as Banjo-Kazooie is a Microsoft property making it therefore the first-ever character in a Smash roster that comes from another console manufacturer. But to be honest, I don’t really see why I should be excited for Banjo-Kazooie joining Smash Bros because what would be bring to the roster aside from nostalgia value ? I trust Sakurai over getting something out of this unique pair of characters that would play pretty much like the Ice Climbers, but with enough tweaks and changes to make them distinct from other fighters. To be clear, this will perhaps be the most likeliest thing out of the bunch to happen I guess but personally, seeing them joining the roster doesn’t make that much impressions for me. I know that most people here eventually grew with Banjo-Kazooie and would likely hope more than I do of seeing this happening, but would not just Banjo-Kazooie fans, but Smash fans as a whole actually want them into Smash Bros ? Let me know what you think.

Ori and the Blind Forest/(And Will of the Wisps ?) Switch Port - Since Cuphead logically succeeded on a system where indie games are the perfect jam for Switch players, Ori and the Blind Forest would make even more sense of also getting a Switch port. After all, it’s as much of a fantastic game as Cuphead is, and being able to play it on the go would be such a nice touch. But does that mean if Ori and the Blind Forest eventually gets ported on to the Switch, does it imply that the upcoming sequel should also release on the Switch aside than just on the Xbox One. To each their own regarding this opinion, but since Microsoft does have some killer indies games up their sleeves, it wouldn’t make sense of keeping it as Xbox exclusives when they have the chance to sell gangbusters on a system where indie games is the Switch’s biggest gold mine when it comes to its library.

This is one of the aspects of this conference I’m definitely looking forward to the most simply because the fruitful collaboration between Nintendo and Microsoft can definitely mean a lot for us Switch gamers if they decide to continue on with their partnership.
Now I have reasons to think that Microsoft and Nintendo will be there on stage talking about all this since the Xbox twitter account ( as you know ) teased that they’ve invited “ something new “ to the show this year, implying that either Sony or Nintendo are likely going to come discuss furthermore details on their respectable partnerships, also I personally think that Nintendo has the higher chance of being there.

Say, what does your sayings have to say about this GAF ? Do you think it would be great and make sense seeing more of Microsoft onto the Switch ? What other major Microsoft IPs would you like to see happening on the Switch ?

That’s all I had to say for my first thread since a while, I really hope to get back on track on making threads like this as we’re approaching towards that time of the year that is E3. But this thread has the merit of making this crystal clear to understand : I’m still here, and you’ll see that in the next days. I’ll also likely join Discord for this occasion and provide the hype music while patiently waiting for the big conferences, here’s to end this thread well a glimpse of what to expect :messenger_sunglasses:

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