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What PS3,PS2,PS1 Game(s) Should Get The Current-Gen Treatment…What Game(s) Are Not Collectionized/Remake Would You Make Exist? Is It Possible?

Yes i made the word collectionize up but hey words are made up until put in a dictionary, anyways, these new games just don’t hit the same in general as much as they use to during the PS2 era in my opinion. PS2 had sooooo many games. Like you can damn near find a game for everything. Shit like Blade and Spawn, Ghost rider had they own games. So i’ve playing through PS2 games on PS5 like Ratchet & Clank 2 and now on 3. They’re still fun but they’re not good looking. I think Sony should have their studio Bluepoint or whomever create an all time remake for a PS2 game, idk exactly which one, but it’s so many we all would love to see. For example (and im naming more at the bottom) me personally, Ratchet & Clank 2&3 ps5 graphics. is it possible for an Ultimate Spider-Man collection? Say for instance, all spider-man games including like Ultimate spider-man, web of shadows, shattered dimensions, all remade with modern graphics?I think it would sell and make profit but these companies don’t know it 🤷🏾‍♂️Also what collection of remakes doesn't exist that should? What game(s)? And yeah this is the thread i thought about, hope these games become manifested into existence!

To name some off the top of my head
Jak & Daxter
Hulk Games (ultimate destruction)
Marvel Nemesis
Batman Arkham series
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1&2
God of war 1&2&3!

Imagine these games and your games that you picked with the Matrix level of graphics!
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I just want to use my PS1 PS2 and PS3 discs and digital purchases on my PS5.
Why the fuck can't we have access to the PS1 and PS2 classics that we bought on PS3
The GAF Cycle(work in progress)

GAF: “Why don’t newer gamers appreciate older games?”

Answer: “Because they’re stuck on old systems with no legal ways to buy them for cheap. Remakes and remasters could potentially revive a franchise and introduce new audiences to…”

GAF: “Nah, they don’t deserve them, waste of resources.”

Answer: “But those resources are studios who were hired to do that specific job…well what about indie devs who are around your age and are making games similar to your old favorites?”

GAF: “Indies? No thank you, if they aren’t AAA they’re not worth my time.”

Answer: “But you complain about AAA being unfinished, broken, expensive, buggy, shallow, uninspired, uncreative, or filled with MTX, and gacha. ”

GAF: “That’s true.”

Answer: “You also complain about the more creative AAA developers like Kojima trying new things”

GAF: “That’s true too.”

Answer: “So what is it you really want?”

(Work in progress, next answer not complete yet but I’m leaning towards GAF simply saying “I just want my childhood back”).


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what with persona 3 (p3p) & 4 (golden) remasters arriving shortly, i'd love atlus to do what they did with smt3: nocturne with the other 4 ps2 smt games: the 2 digital devil sagas, & the 2 devil summoners...
Those are HD remasters, not remakes.


God War 1/2 Remastered (Plus PSP Origins versions & Ascension)
Devil May Cry 1/3SE
Onimusha 1GENMA/2/3
Metal Gear Solid 1/2/3/4
Resident Evil 1 Remake (Think third person over the shoulder perspective RE2R/RE4R)

*Remake NG 1BLACK/2
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Huh, interesting question. Considering that the resources necessary to pull off these type of projects are kinda limited across the industry, I'd go with the following picks:
  • F.E.A.R. (PC, XSX|S, PS5, VR2) - Developed by Monolith Productions.
    I'd begin pre-production right now with the goal to make it to the original's 20th anniversary in 2025. It would also be the perfect type of smaller-scale project to follow up the release of the much more ambitious Wonder Woman game, due out sometime in 2024.
    The game was a looker back when it came out, and I'd make bloody sure that the remake lives up to that legacy of technological excellence across all platforms, while also breaking new ground in the VR territory.
  • God of War (PS5) - Developed by Santa Monica Studio, in collaboration with Visual Arts.
    Whatever form it might take (I haven't played Ragnarök), I feel the next mainline entry in the God of War series will take a while to be made - to the point that I'm not certain on whether it'd be a PS5 game at all. Because of that, and thinking about the need to produce something to go along with Prime Video's God of War show a few years from now, I believe that remaking the original trilogy would be a wise move on Sony's end.
    Beginning with the 2005 original, I'd make the camera third-person and bring it closer to Kratos (although not quite as close as in the 2018 reboot), so that the visceral nature of the combat can be experienced from up close. I'd also redesign the level layout of the entire game to accomodate for the new perspective, as well as for getting rid of any masked loading times and design concessions that had to be made back in the day. Maybe retcon some of the story stuff. Needless to say that I'd crack the graphics up to goddamn 11.
  • MotorStorm Collection (PS5, VR2) - Developed by Firesprite, in collaboration with Creative Vault Studios, Lucid Games and Wushu Studios.
    Firesprite, Lucid, Wushu... what do the three of them have in common? That they have a lot of Evolution Studios veterans in their respective teams, plus the fact that they're all Liverpool-based studios, partners (or part) of Sony and are, at least in part, racing-centric developers. Creative Vault on the other hand does not have that Evolution lineage, but they were responsible for the VR adaptation of the Wipeout Omega Collection for the first PSVR, as well as key partners during the development of the flat-screen version of the game; so they also seem to me like a precious partner to have on board on this MotorStorm revival plan that I'm about explain.
    Long-time MotorStorm producer and director of Apocalypse (and DriveClub!) Matt Southern is currently helming the development of a live-service Twisted Metal reboot over at Firesprite, which was formerly in development at Lucid Games. The game is supposedly slated to come out this year, but after that, I feel like giving the MotorStorm IP another chance through a collection that bundles remakes of the three mainline entries plus PSP's Arctic Edge would be a great idea.
    Unify the controls, physics and UI across all games, make sure the graphics blow the infamous E3 2005 trailer out of the water and have it all be fully compatible with PSVR2. The volume of development partners involved should make this ambitious endeavor possible.
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I personally want brand new entries of Motorstorm and Wipeout back as PSVR2 compatible (not exclusive) and both eSports friendly and casual friendly GaaS.

I'd also like to see new Syphon Filter and Splinter Cell games as wide linear 10-20 hours story driven AAA games with no GaaS stuff.

And a remade Killzone trilogy at 4K 60fps, maybe packing all 3 in a single game. If it works (total fantasy, I think they won't even care about the first 3 ones) maybe a season pass that would have Liberation, Mercenary and Shadowfall as DLCs.

I'd also want a brand new F-Zero going back to get the spirit of F-Zero 64.

I also want new Onimusha and Out Run, but I see these ones are happening on a 99%.
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I would love a proper remake of FF8, but Square would probably split it into multiple games like they did with 7.

I hope that‘s not what they‘re gonna do with the FF9 remake either, but it‘s hard to imagine them being able to remake the whole game with modern technology if they weren’t able (or willing) to do it with 7. The best case scenario for FF9 would probably be if it’s a remake similar to Capcom‘s remake of RE1, with new, modern character models, high-res prerendered backgrounds, voice acting, as well as a revamped battle system. In fact, I would prefer remakes like that for all their old FF titles, from 1 to 9.
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Burnout HD Collection Vol.1 - Burnout 1-3
Burnout HD Collection Vol.2 - Revenge, Legends, Dominator, Crash!
A NEW Burnout.

Gradius Complete Collection - Gradius I-IV, Gradius V HD, Gradius Gaiden, etc.
Gradius VI

Treasure Chest - A collection of all of Treasure's games. Probably impossible, but I dare dream.

MotorStorm Remastered Collection
A NEW MotorStorm

Dark Cloud
Twisted Metal
Katamari Damacy
Legacy of Kain
The Darkness
Dead Nation

So many....


I would want a remaster of Bully and The Warriors. But seeing the GTA Trilogy from last year I say Let it be.

I would love a remaster/remake of dragon Quest VIII
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