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What other offensive content should be cut before the GTA remasters are released?


You saying the confederate flag should be treated as better than a Nazi flag? As if the confederates were far better. Well then...about the game the experience doesn't change based on its removal.
You know trying to erase this stuff from history and pretend it never existed, doesnt mean it actually didnt exist.
Its a flag, deal with it.


I mean picking up whores and seeing your car bounce... u know what that might be innocuous enough vanilla to not offend anyone lol... but i guess the miniskirts will become yoga pants


Just have a content warning on start up but then again people will still somehow complain about that. Either way these remasters look like shit.
I haven't seen one person ever complain about a flag in GTA...
Neither have I, but obviously someone was triggered by it because they removed it.
this is a rockstar decision...
Of whose products we are the end users.
who cares.
Obviously you and I do, as well as many other people since we’re all here discussing it. I know for me personally, it’s not so much about the confederate flag itself (which I couldn’t give a shit about), but more about the potential broader implications of this stupid mentality of habitually editing out (censoring) bits and pieces of re-released old games and movies in order to achieve some disingenuous appearance of virtue.
It doesn't change the game.
It doesn’t change the gameplay, but it does change the game, even if it’s a minute detail.


Wait so they cut out the confederate flag and people cry like babies and post such over the top absurdity? The confederate flag is a symbol of hate based stupidity. Most companies would not want to have a google search of their company name and Confederate flag to produce anything more than stories about it not being there anymore. But idiots can see this as some attack or some agenda driven conspiracy if they are too stupid to understand that when millions upon millions of units are sold, you don't risk having otherwise addressable markets being pre-disposed to not consider your product.

Mr Branding

Let’s overreact, the thread.
I’ll be busy playing the digital version and having fun while some of y’all will scrutinize every pixel and moan about it on the internet.


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