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What New IP's/Games should Microsoft tell their new Activision Studios to Make?

Now that Microsoft has announced the purchase of Activision Blizzard and will in the near future have total control over the future of over 12 new development studios, which of these teams should be allowed to try their hands on something new? If I were Microsoft, I would remove Raven Software and Sledgehammer Games away from COD and allow them to try their hands on brand new IP, whether it be an FPS or completely different genre. The COD games from both of these studios were never well received in the first place and I don't think anyone would bat an eye if a sequel to Vanguard never materializes anyway. This would also allow COD to breathe a lot more as it would have to stop being an yearly franchise which would be great for the over-expended franchise IMO.

Another team that has been overlooked for many years is Radical Entertainment. They made Prototype 1 & 2 and then helped Bungie on Destiny 2. Although their staff dwindled significantly after the commercial failure of the Prototype franchise, I think they should be given the support to make a new IP as well or even Prototype 3 if they can make a cool enough concept for it.

What are your thoughts and what type of games would you like to see these Activision studios make in the future under Microsoft?


No more COD support studios, let them make new games, new IP, existing IP, whatever they want. I want to see some new games from blizzard universes, warcraft arpg? starcraft fps? some spyro / crash / rare kart racing game , crazy thing could happen!


Too bad that all the people who made the non-COD games everyone loves (Crash, Spyro, Tony Hawk, Singularity, Gun, etc) is not there anymore.

But I would love for Blizzard to get their shit together and release a Dark Souls inspired Diablo game and a Starcraft action game.


Definitely something with Starcraft. I'd even take another RTS. MS has some RTS chops with Age of Empires. Could be interesting. Secretly I've always wanted a StarCraft MMO to take the mantle from WoW.


CTR PC port.
New Crash but not as overblown as crash 4
StarCraft 3
Prototype reboot with more budget.
Full fat Single player Warcraft RPG. No MMO crap.
Full fat Single Player Starcraft RPG by Obsidian
New Banjo
New Spyro

Use the COD money making machine to fund all those.
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I think WoW is going to get a major overhaul and the Warcraft IP will be expanded to other genres as well. StarCraft is obviously going to get some love. There’s just so many ways they can go with this.
Spyro 4. Reignited Trilogy was pretty good. Crash N Sane is good but Crash 4 was ass, don't mind if they don't make another new one
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For the love of god please save Vicarious Visions from being a COD support studio. Tony Hawk and DIablo 2 remakes were both great. Let them remake Morrowind or Hexen or something.





Call of Duty does not need to be a yearly release and I think that should free up some studios to pursue other potential IPs.

My main argument for this is the fact that all CoDs are transitioning to the Modern Warfare 2019 engine, it started with MW2019 now Vanguard, I think Cold War was the last CoD on the Treyarch engine and you can bet their next will be on the newer MW engine along with MW2 2022.

Since all the games are now interconnected, they all feel the same. Honestly if it wasn't for Warzone I wouldn't be playing CoD at all because the franchise has definitely become stagnant the last few years. Even Warzone has started to become stagnant with all of the issues they're having.

I believe they can get away with not releasing a CoD every year and have some of those studios work on other things, question is...is Microsoft willing to part ways with those yearly sales at the cost of what 5-6 CoD dedicated studios?


Warcraft, Hexen, Soldier of Fortune, Singularity, and a port of World of Warcraft for XSX.

Oh, I'm hoping Microsoft frees up some of these support studios to work on other stuff. CoD should be an every 2 year release, which would give Treyarch and IW 3 years each to make their game. The games would be better and with Warzone you don't need yearly CoD releases.
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For the love of god please save Vicarious Visions from being a COD support studio. Tony Hawk and DIablo 2 remakes were both great. Let them remake Morrowind or Hexen or something.
VV is not COD support studio. They are now part of Blizzard and are working on Diablo IV.


Focus on blizzard Ip's

As others have said before, standalone warcraft rpg or StarCraft shooters are a given

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Keep making CoD. None of the suggestions here would be more than a fraction as popular as a new CoD.

If they do decide to develop something else it might as well be a new IP.
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