What is your top Twitch streamer and video game related channel on Youtube!?


Hey everyone, hope you're all cheering up on this friday! Here's a quick question by curiosity.

There is so many people streaming or making content over Youtube about video game in general. Let it be speedrunning, video game colletors, analyst, journalism, comedy... pretty much anything you can think of! There has to be one that you enjoy following, have been watching his/her videos for a long time.

So it's pretty simple, I would like you to share your one, favorite pick from Twitch and your one favorite video game related Youtube channel. Tell us why then how long you have been watching it!

A single pick might be difficult so you could also tell who would be the runner up.

2 Bonus question, have you ever gave a tip/donation to a streamer or Youtuber, also what is the biggest you ever given!
Then, what is your favorite Youtube channel that has NOTHING to do with video game and why!

My top twitch streamer would be Happy Hob. While he's not the most entertaining guy out there, being quite repetitive, he has been on this crazy and almost impossible journey to no hit run 6 freaking fromsoftware title. When he gets to the 3rd or 4rth game, his spectator gets as crazy and nervous as him. This guy has become a Meme on his own, almost becoming completely crazy. The day he'll make it through this nightmare, I sure belive he'll simply retire from Twitch or going much more casual.

My following pick would be Ryukar. He has been playing Mario Maker one and two for so long for his fans, but also making music. An all arround very talentuous person that is calm and has the power of will to not swear at those very frustrating(trash) mario maker, super expert level.

Then, youtuber. It's a difficult choice because there has been so many. Then after thinking about it, my answer is quite simple! Angry Video Game Nerd. I've been following this guy since his debuts, watching every single video he made. Saw him grow bigger and bigger with his team. Went from very underground, to being on screwattack then completely grew to be on his own. His channel also ended up drifting on so many awesome sub subject. He keep on delivering quality years after years.

My second pick would be MetalJesus. Not only for its more than awesome video game collection and detailed videos. But also for his multiple collabortors. His collection and friends collaborators makes me dream and it's all shown off very casually. Also he plays Metal with his wife and it's totally awesome.

For the bonus question, I never gave any tip to a streamer, I don't think it's necessary either. Then about my favorite channel that has nothing to do with Video game, I would pick Mark Weins. I'm a cook and discovered this guy by chance. He's mostly travelling the world to eat some of the best, street food in the world. You'll see him go to the fancy place, but mostly some of the most underground and very far away places nobody would have thought of. Deep streets of bangkok, Russia.. you name it. Any food lover should watch his channel.

So , thank you in advance to participating to this thread. Let's take a little break about console war and have fun sharing your favorite media as much as you want.
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DYKGaming and GVMERS.

I'll check out any gaming-related YouTube channel that goes into the history of a video game, franchise or developer. I used to love watching Icons on G4 back in the day.
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コジマ店員 On youtube.
I don't watch pretty much anything in English if I can help it due to not wanting to lose my Japanese ability (Plus I just enjoy the language). But I like him because he plays a lot of horror games among a lot of the big titles that get released recently and I find him pretty comical. I was crossing my fingers that he'd get a PS5 for the play day tomorrow, but he does a lot of PC gaming as well and is not nearly as large as the ones they picked.

Nongamer related would be キリン【考察系youtuber】 this guy talks about conspiracy stuff, but is pretty goofy about it which is why I like him.

I don't watch twitch anymore, but when I used to watch it I basically used it to watch esports.
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I love Classic Game Room and Classic Game Room Undertow.
Unfortunately both shut down :messenger_pensive:
Lord Karnage Forever



Vertigo specifically for his Rust videos, which are hilarious.

MetalJesusRocks for general coverage and interest pieces, he's such a nice guy even when he's being critical he's kind with it (and I have a weird crush on Kelsey who sometimes features)

MrMattyPlays for Bethesda and RPG stuff. He's enthusiastic and honest and goofy enough not to be too serious about himself.

AVGN for comedy value but him and his brother do some decent stuff on old movies etc too.

Been watching a few Destiny 2 channels recently but they're all a bit samey.


Vertigo specifically for his Rust videos, which are hilarious.

MetalJesusRocks for general coverage and interest pieces, he's such a nice guy even when he's being critical he's kind with it (and I have a weird crush on Kelsey who sometimes features)

MrMattyPlays for Bethesda and RPG stuff. He's enthusiastic and honest and goofy enough not to be too serious about himself.

AVGN for comedy value but him and his brother do some decent stuff on old movies etc too.

Been watching a few Destiny 2 channels recently but they're all a bit samey.

Kelsey 😍


I love watching shroud play any type of shooter. Dude is chill. No stupid gimmicks and doesn’t yell like some of these other streamers.
I also like watching fextralife (I think that’s the channel name) speederun souls games on twitch.


Can he swing from a thread? Take a look overhead / Hey, there, there goes the Spider-Man
Don’t watch twitch really

Game Chasers or Game Sack for game related YouTube stuff for sure.

Sega Lord X if you like the Saturn
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This dude is unrelentingly hilarious.
And of course
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Happyconsole Gamer
Digital Foundry
Yongeyea for his hate of EA and loot boxes

and sometimes
SuperDerek RPGs
Thegamer2323 his laugh makes me laugh

Dont watch twitch
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I watch t90 official play age of empires 2 on YouTube and sometimes twitch. I started watching in about 2017 or so and have been pretty consistent since then. His break out moment was a video of 8 players cutting trees for over an hour on forest nothing. He has had some success but he is still acts normal and friendly, which is partly why I still watch him.
Every year he does a 24 hour stream on twitch where I usually donate 50-100 USD. He has a good lineup for his fans and provides a lot of youtube viewing per 24 hour stream so that’s why I donate.
Gab Smolders (YT/TW)
Viss (TW)
Break (TW)
Dougisraw (TW)
Nihongo Gamer (YT)
Wulffden (YT)
Digital Foundry (YT)
Mystic (YT)
Spawn Wave (YT)
And a few others, but these are the ones I watch the most.

Gab is the only one I’ve ever consistently given a sub to. She’s super chill and focuses on Japanese and Horror games so it’s up my alley.
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Right now on Youtube would be:
Sleepezi (FFVII Lore and theory videos)
Vaatividya (lore videos)
Donguri990 (combo videos)
Bsod Gaming (Emulators tutorials and news)

Don't really watch a lot of twitch, used to watch pro players during the time i played competitive multiplayer games but not anymore.


Going to go with Super GT on youtube. Great racing games content. I’ve been subbed for a long time.

And no I’ve never donated or paid to subscribe to any channel or streamer nor do I intend to.
None sadly, don’t like what YouTube has become, channels and their creators change after the ability to earn money comes in, suddenly it becomes more difficult for them to make videos after that green light for cash is lit.
I was watching Draqu on Twitch for awhile as he was running Doom Eternal. He has a very dry humor and is mellow. His mastery of that game is otherworldly. I watched him go for the speedrun record for countless hours. Fascinating. His other stuff I didn't like.

I used to be a fan of ManVsGame on Twitch, he's smart, insightful, and amusing, but his pessimism and overall negative attitude wore me down eventually.


I like:

Get Indie Gaming
Quite obvious, he keeps me up to date on indie games. It's easy to keep track of AAA games but not so much indie games.

I was a Sega fan boy as a kid, it's nice for nostalgia feels.
I love Classic Game Room and Classic Game Room Undertow.
Unfortunately both shut down :messenger_pensive:
Lord Karnage Forever

The OG. Mark was such a cool guy, I still remember vividly that year he set up Patreon, I watched the announcement drunk as balls on new year's day as my girlfriend was half asleep. She woke up during that evening and I couldn't shut up about wanting to age like this dude. Shame it ended like it ended, but it was an awesome ride. I still watch a random CGR review to hear him ramble about unrelated shit, when it's on dude was golden.

I feel like Joe from Game Sack is keeping that spirit alive somewhat.


Youtube is ManyATrueNerd for Let's Play stuff, Karak for reviews, Raz0rfist for music/games/politics/pop culture.

Twitch maybe SheriffEli and a few Total War and tactical streamers. I prefer the small channels with a dozen or two chatters and a good host over the bigger popular channels.
I like to put on twitch on the days im working in office. Almost always it's on CohhCarnage because he plays a huge variety of games and tends to 100% them. Also cause he brings the good vibes and cat cam.


Youtube only

English: YongYea, Maximilian Dood, Upper Echelon Gamers, Gameranx

Spanish: 3 Gordos Bastardos, CVJ, Dilerion Games, Bemoldemarmol

I don't use twitch unless Evo or GDQ are happening


Since covid and me losing my job I basically said "fuck it I'm taking a few years off to hang with my family".
I've also decided to get good at Call of Duty during this time. And being 40+ I don't really follow YT/Twitch shit.

THEREFORE I do watch two guys play MW/Warzone on YT fairly consistantly. Jackfrags and another dude named JGOD. One is just fun gameplay videos from a really chill guy and an amazing player and the other is like breakdowns on gameplay systems. Both have really helped and now I am the #1 CoD Modern Warfare Warzone player in the world.


I literally only watch the little guys, don't have much interest in the big popular streamers where there is no feel of community, you can't chat because it's too busy and the only way to talk to the streamer themselves is by paying.

The only 2 twitch streamers I watch regularly are CMDR Pain who used to be much bigger than be is currently but due to copyright strike troll on YouTube back in the day, is now literally starting from the bottom again. And secondly I watch BatlerGaming, who is a disabled abled gamer who plays with a foot controller due to losing an arm in an industrial accident, proof you can continue to enjoy gaming even after serious set backs and that's an important message to put out there.
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Digital Foundry. Gmanlives is the only youtuber I regularly watch. Fuck Twitch and every other streamer.


Easy Allies and the Angry Joe Show.

I don't watch them playing, just their podcasts and review.... I dislike watching others playing.

However I feel that EA is getting weird.... Since Kyle left it seems that they are trying to be more and more charismatic(?), but feels more fake and forced than before.

Also, they just don't complain about shitty stuff that video games companies make, so they are too much vanilla... I miss stuff like Mandatory Update from the GT days. Still, each of the members adds something interesting during their reviews and talks.

While AJ sucks at anything From Software related and he does interrupt other Joe and Alex quite a lot, he's reviews are great and I enjoy their comedy, also they are not afraid of criticizing big companies.
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Mystic Gaming - because he’s a reliable, level headed guy, who doesn’t engage in bullshit console warring.

Vaatividya - for all that Souls lore goodness.

Demodcracy - for more Souls stuff.

WhatCulture Gaming - because it’s one of the only U.K. gaming resources that doesn’t annoy the hell out of me.

Avalanche reviews - because I like his Silent Hill and Resi stuff.

PlayStation and Xbox official - just to keep abreast of official announcements.

Twitch can go fuck itself upwards and sideways. I only have an account to watch big events in better quality than YouTube.
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GassyMexican (fun videos)
John Wolfe (formerly HarshlyCritical, Horror Games mainly)
VanossGaming (fun videos like GassyMexican)
Jackfrags (main focus was the Battlefield series, now FPS in general)
LevelCapGaming (like Jackfrags)
Matimi0 (was like Jackfrags and lvlcap, mainly BF series but is now mainly a R6S channel)
Macie Jay (Rainbow Six channel and a chill dude)
SeaNanners (he is back baby, funny videos)
TheRussianBadger (plays a lot of R6S, but other stuff as well and is a maniac)
Ravic (mainly a (really damn good) BF player but now on the Warzone train)
Also there is Battle(non)sense, he does more analysing and informative videos.

These are my subscribed yt channels. I will obviously watch other gaming related videos as well but they didn't get my sub yet.
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