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What Is This Weird Ghosting Effect In Games? (PC)


Mar 23, 2018
São Paulo, Brazil
It's not blur, it's ghosting due to TAA using information from previous frames. OP clearly mentions games as well that don't have any raytracing at all, but implement some form of TTA. It's not RT
Actually it could be both. In games without raytracing TAA is the culprit, but on games with raytracing it's not. Raytracing is a veeeery expensive rendering technique, and what happens is that in most games previous frames are accumulated to help with denoising. That will happen with raytracing even on consoles (like fast moving reflections in Ratchet and Clank). It's just the way developers have to implement it, otherwise it would look either too grainy or it would run too slow, as the number of samples-per-pixel would have to be increased. The defect is more present in darker scenes, as there's less information the denoiser can use to make the image look good.

Look at this web demo: http://madebyevan.com/webgl-path-tracing/

If you keep the camera static the image looks great because it's accumulating information from previous frames, but as soon as you move it gets grainy because the information has to be updated.
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