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What is the one game that Microsoft can release for the XB Series X that would convinced a Playstation fanboy to purchase a XSX?

Neo Blaster

Jan 27, 2020
Not Halo, Gears, Forza, nor Fable, would have already picked an Xbox if there was any interest on those. MS must show a new conpelling IP to make me grab one. And all their exclusives on PC does not help at all.
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Dec 25, 2019
Whatever that game is, it's going to take about a dozen or so of those accross the generation I would think.

Bonfires Down

Jul 31, 2007
No one game will do it, but they need to knock it out of the park with Halo. They need something to go against the God of Wars and Naughty Dogs. Fable could be one, Hellblade also has potential. Most importantly their top games really need to be top notch quality. Gears 5 being just a good time will not cut it.


Mar 6, 2018
If they can give me remakes of Suikoden series and Xenogears as forever exclusives then I just might buy their console. I won't 100% switch since Sony first party is just too good.
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Sep 19, 2019
I dont know how to answer this..

Ok so xbox had a lot and i mean a lot of games that never made it to ps2 and had a ton of pc ports and ton of excusives like a lot of sega games that never made it to ps2 shenmue panzer dragon etc conker far cry half life 2 doom3 so this console was worth every money and deffinetly convinced me to buy one.

Xbox 360 kinda the same.
Again lots of games that never made it to ps3 in the first year and lots of third party support from bioshock to prey condemned etc and it had a one year headstart and just was the best till its final 3 years when everything went down hill.

Xbox one just mediocer first parties less third party support less first party titles higher price though i didnt mind kinect but still less valeu for your money.
And the whole gen was very meh xbox x didnt help either its all about the games.

But it came out with game pass and xboxs so that combo is a good valeu but still lacking behind ps4 offerings by a lot . The 6 teraflop was very useless and now we see it being disscontinued so what a waste.

Based on history xbox has to be priced same not more.
Xbox has to have a strong launch line up or lots of great exclusives like back in the day with doa5 panzer dragon ninja gaiden conker etc etc

It really comes down to games regardless of power.
Original xbox the most powerfull and insane amount of games made it a must buy.

Xboxsx the most powerfull and insane amount of games would make it a must buy.

But yeah i need to see results before i even consider buying xbox.
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Jinzo Prime

Neo Member
Aug 17, 2019
I'm a die-hard Nintendo fan, owned every console and handheld since the N64, and even I had to get a PS4 Pro because of the crazy value proposition. Too many excellent exclusives and "free" games with PS plus to pass up on this generation.

Xbox needs games that people will talk about, get excited about, proselytize about! They've got Minecraft which is a phenomenon, and Halo, which was a phenomenon, but they really need more.


Jun 15, 2019
I wouldn't say MS has nothing. Phil Spencer just stated today that game announcements will be coming soon. And with 16 first-party studio, there will be something for everyone.
"there will be something for everyone"
Doubt that, very possible they get 16 western studios and a bunch of them are making shooters or 3rd person story based games.


Feb 6, 2012
I ended up buying Xbox One S because I needed a 4K Blu Ray player and it is by far the best one.

My main gaming system these days is definitely the PC - I try to buy everything on Steam. As such barely any games for PS4 and nothing for Xbox.

I'll still get Xbox Series X at some point because I like gadgets. :messenger_grinning_smiling:


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Mar 16, 2020
I'd probably just play it on pc but forgetting about that, definitely, a Bioshock Esque game would.

There's something about the Bioshock old-time art deco style and vibes that just click with me. Would buy a series x right asap if they had one exclusive like it to just the series x

edit: a really good transformers game would also do it for me
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Feb 24, 2020
Maybe if they revived old RARE franchises (or any gems they have in their vault), in the right way, of course. and there's the Gamepass, it's a huge attractive. I think that if I had the financial condition (it is almost impossible to have two or more consoles in Brazil), I would probably have both.
But it is a complicated subject, anyone who has an emotional bond with a console and its franchises would hardly '' switch sides '', even if they don't admit.
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Captain Hero

The Spoiler Soldier
May 11, 2015
Shadow Moses
I don’t like that “ Fanboy “ but better to be
“ PlayStation player “

ok I’m about 90% sure if MS did this it will sell more Xbox units and gain more players at its base, so first hear me out to the end ..

Why the hell I stayed with Sony in every gen ? .. the answer is because I found the passion in making AAA games not just super high graphics! But also the story driven that take your attention and that gameplay with rich elements really talented people who gave everything to present games which hold the whole generation to the highest peak...( for PlayStation players of course )

I like Xbox it has everything that a console needs but we really need to see some games tbh .. no offense to Halo or Fable or Forza fans but for me as a PlayStation player I need some high end AAA game and new ones that make new experience as a rich story with epic lore to really dive in and some big Japanese AAA games .. quality ones not just a game ..

I wish Xbox SX has some ..because I need to put that tower in my room next my PS5


Mar 20, 2017

joke aside...how can we know? they need to show something new..also, if you want to attract ps4 userbase, remember ps4 first party strength is full of 3rd person single player cinematic experience...this is stuff ms need to tackle...and what ps4 had that xb1 doesnt? wide range of japanese game

but if we talk about existing interesting prospect, stuff like proper star wars rpg, new batman, uncharted style star wars surely will gain attention....also, they need to get deal with developers like platinum, also if can, try to secure a xbox exclusive souls game with fromsoftware...ps4 had bloodborne though

however most important is, the game need to be only available or time exclusive on xsx...lot of people combo ps4+pc nowdays.. plus switch if had extra budget so they wont miss any great game
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Apr 11, 2020
I was never a huge PS fan because I think they care only about one type of game but what got me to buy an XBO was TitanFall. I love mech games and that one did it for me. I really hope they have a new MechAssault game in the oven or a new Titanfall that would showcase what to expect for next gen.

Also I find it funny how every game on Xbox has to be played on PC instead. Like every gamer has a PC that can match XSX. Does it mean people don't play multiplats on PS either and use consoles solely for exclusives? Anyway I rather play on consoles even if my PC is a very capable one I use it for work only... just an observation!
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Feb 17, 2020
The Last Remnant has potential. The only thing that let it down imo was the lack of explanation of the battle system and how the leveling system was counter to how every other RPG ever works. Farming levels will make the game waaaay harder than necessary.

More Armored Core please. A more indepth Gundam game...pretty niche, but if done right (like with anything I guess). Zone of the Enders
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Dec 28, 2018

Perfect Dark. However one game would probably not be enough.
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Sep 30, 2005
I'll echo the sentiment that it is not just one game that will make someone jump ship. The problem is that for MS to really appeal to me, they have to change their entire design philosophy. They emphasize multiplayer over single player for their marquis titles. To win me over, you gotta go the other way and give me substantial single player campaigns. I want story driven titles.
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Feb 17, 2020
I'll echo the sentiment that it is not just one game that will make someone jump ship. The problem is that for MS to really appeal to me, they have to change their entire design philosophy. They emphasize multiplayer over single player for their marquis titles. To win me over, you gotta go the other way and give me substantial single player campaigns. I want story driven titles.

For two gens theyve banked on the same 3 main IPs. While im not a fan of most of Sonys 1st parties...atleast they changed things up from time to time.

The game equivalent of this movie:
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Apr 11, 2020
I have a gaming PC, so as long as Microsoft continues to release there too, I don't need an Xbox.
Two games I'm interested from them are the Gears of War XCOM game (I love XCOM) and Flight Simulator looks amazing.

When I want to kick back on the couch I prefer Playstation because of the variety and high quality titles.
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Mar 19, 2013
Please head to the NeoGaf customer service counter so they can inform your mom over the intercom that youre lost.
Well I believe Mario maybe can make I buy a Xbox... well it did for all Nintendo consoles I had.

Old Zelda is another one but not like BotW.
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Feb 17, 2020
Well I believe Mario maybe can make I buy a Xbox... well it did for all Nintendo consoles I had.

Old Zelda is another one but not like BotW.

I just mean theyre, as you know, Nintendo IPs. The chances of Nintendo letting their biggest IPs appear on another console are slim to none. Besides, why would you buy an Xbox to play those games when you can buy a nintendo console right now?


Jul 30, 2013
The Netherlands
I'm not a PS fanboy, but there is one game that will make some PS peeps buy a XSX or get a powerful PC and it's a game that PS doesn't have anything like, nor is it ever going to get one, and thats Flight Simulator.
A pilot friend of mine isnt a gamer, but is going to buy a XSX just to use it.

while i’m going to test FS on my PC. This can’t be really called a “game”. It’s not for the masses and i doubt the majority will buy a Xbox for it. It’s a sim you want to play on pc not console. It’s kinda niche and mostly a return for hardcore FS fans.
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Jul 15, 2013
Honestly that doesn't seem likely for the following reasons.
  • I'm not paying for PSN+ and Xbox Live at the same time, so I'm only buying one platform
  • Due to prior point, any new game would have to be good enough for me to give up the opportunity to play Spider-Man 2, God of War 2, Horizon: Zero Dawn 2, plus whatever other great games Sony's track record indicates they'll make. XSX would have to build up a library of games better than those for me to even start considering a switch. No single game could do it.
  • My PSVR headset has me locked into the PlayStation platform. This is especially true since VR should see the biggest perceived improvement due to better internal resolutions and graphics. That's a whole class of games I'd miss out on with a switch to the XSX
  • I own a PC that can play any exclusive XSX game anyway

With that said, I have a lot of fond memories of old 360 classics like Crimson Skies, ShadowRun, Deathrow, and MechAssault. Were Microsoft to do remakes of those games, I'd be highly tempted to get the XSX for nostalgia purposes. Then again...nah...I'd still just get them on my PC.

Craig of War

Apr 19, 2020
Nothing can convince a fanboy he or she already has a made up mindset about the other console nothing you say or show them can change it that why game company usually target casual gamer cause those are the people that you can get to buy your system.
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Mar 21, 2011
They would have to bag a few exclusives like the next witcher or gta. The playstation has too many exclusives to want to move away from them, however if they bring enough to the table it would make a nics second or third console.


Feb 23, 2013
Sure. I can afford both easily. But as I have already stated, there needs to be something great, brilliant even, in terms of exclusives at the XSX's launch that will convince me to buy into their ecosystem. I already love the form and function factors. Now I just need 1 of those 16 studios that MS had purchased to produce a game that I would love to own day-1.

don’t forget about all the amazing BC games with 4K enhancements, such as KOTOR 1 and 2.

Personally, I’m interested in Halo Ininite, Halo MCC (enhanced for series X). Fable, Forza, Forza Horizon and a better version of CyberPunk 2077
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Sep 15, 2019
There is no 'one' game that will convince consumers. It has to be a steady supply of good exclusive content. Thinking about the X360 days it was stuff like Fable, Halo, Gears, Kameo, Mass Effect, Alan Wake etc.

Let's say... If MS could convince Capcom to make an exclusive Dino Crisis, Konami an exclusive Castlevania or Rare coming back to their senses. Then you can count me in.

If microsoft is releasing all the games on pc as well, there is literally no point getting an XSX. Same goes for Sony.

Nah, I would rather stop gaming altogether than play on PC. The ecosystem on PC is a utter mess.
Don't have time for that nonsense.
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Texas Pride

Feb 27, 2018
The easiest solution is Microsoft's biggest strength. What's their biggest strength? Their checkbook. If MS wanted to kill Sony off they'd sell Xbox's at a loss to undercut Playstation no matter the cost to them and they'd make XBL free. Those 2 things over an entire gen would eat away at Sony's marketshare and put them in a perilous situation financially. MS won't do this though. Console success is about games but above all it's about value proposition. Those 2 moves are how you shift the market in your favor and MS unlike Sony has the money to absorb the losses needed to bleed Sony dry. I don't believe MS is ignorant to this they just let short term greed outweigh the long term gain.
Nov 2, 2019
If you are a PS fan, an avid gamer, and have enough money to buy both systems, why not go PC instead of XSX? You can play all the Xbox games on it.

I used to think that but now I'm starting to see Xbox as something like a low cost, high end Steam box. There's also the assumption that games would be optimized for that specific hardware to consider.

You could just hook your PC up to your TV like you said, if your PC is near your TV, but there's another factor that I think is important to consider; convenience.

I used to download all my TV shows and movies, but it became too much of an effort after Netflix came around and started offering a lot of really solid TV for a decent price. And I think Gabe Newell said something similar about Steam and pirated games once.

I have a PS4 and for a long time I didn't even turn it on because I found the UI so painfully slow that it felt like a chore to do anything. Even though there were game I wanted to play and I had set up my TV to turn on and switch to the right channel by just pressing the PS button on the controller. I've since installed an SSD which made things more tolerable.

Inconveniences like slow UI and connecting and PC are what I would label as friction that lessens enjoyment. So having an Xbox plugged in ready to go adds convenience, assuming that there are games worth playing.

In my case, if Xbox starting releasing a bunch of solid games that I wanted to play, I would buy an Xbox because if nothing else, it would just be convenient. There is no one game though that would make me want to buy one, no matter how good it is. I would just play that one game on PC in that case.

It's more realistic at this point to focus on convincing the Team PlayStation guys to get an Xbox as well as a PS5 rather than expecting them to buy one instead of one. I'm likely to get a PS5 because I know there will be a bunch of games that I want to play and I have a lot of PS4 games that I'm looking forward to seeing run better on the PS5. In saying that, if Sony pulls some bullshit like making me buy the games again, I might have to reconsider my current stance.


Jul 3, 2018
At this point, they would need to buy Rockstar and make GTA6 exclusive, none of that other stuff moves the needle.
The hole MS has dug itself is that big.

Look, I had both X1 and PS4 this gen but sold my X1 in 2017. I only remember two instances where I was tempted to jump back on Xbox. Cuphead (played that on PC) and Gears 5.
I took the L on Gears 5 even tho I was a massive, massive Gears fanboy on 360.

Why? Because I'm not buying a console JUST TO PLAY Gears 5. I need to know that there is a steady stream on good exclusives coming or already out. Xbox doesn't have that this gen and outside of Halo Infinite I see nothing in their pipeline.