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What is the most underrated game so far this generation?

This was absolute joy to play.
When did THAT come out?


Shadow of the tomb raider. The definitive edition adds a lot. It is better than Tomb Raider 2013 and Rise of the Tomb Raider. Critics called it boring suffering from uncharted syndrome.
The writing and story was a complete cavalcade of bollocks (which was made a lot funnier by treating Lara as a dissociative psychopath), but the game design and visuals were great and the broader emphasis on exploration and puzzles gave it more of it's own feel. The campaign was reasonably paced and quite varied - only thing I didn't love was the upgrade tree for skills and abilities, which honestly felt a bit tacked on. Otherwise, I thought it was a highlight for the trilogy.
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I don't think that Yakuza 7 or Astro Bot are underrated, they were praised by the critics and extremely well received.

Amazing games for sure but they're not that many active psvr users nor turnbased jrpg fans out there, they've already reached their audience IMO.

Prey in another hand could reach more of the FPS crowd...maybe? (Ah is it old gen now? So is Astro too then)

Edit: nevermind, Astro PS5 was the one mentioned in the thread. Well it was very well received too.
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Like a Dragon is one of the best Yakuza games and also one of the best JRPG. Its really, really good. The combat is fantastic, there is room for improvement but when I played Lost Judgment I actually missed it at times haha. Later on the game drops easy mode and you'll actually need to level other jobs to get by. In this game, being an RPG, you open up the map, which I liked. And your party is with you at all times, which gives some banter. Its the most involving Yakuza game probably. I greatly enjoyed this one, it was my first Series S game over a year ago and the short load times were a revelation.


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The most care I've seen in a remaster in so long. The attention to detail is a sight to behold. The game was locked at 24 fps 800 x 600 and these guys did magic. The controller support they implemented makes it feel like a brand new game too. Underrated because most will compare it to PoE/D3 and it's just way above.


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I wish more people had done the same. The fact the game was ignored so much last year by many people in the media and completely ignored by these stupid awards shows really was a sad thing.

I am empathic with you, and especially for that demonic circus called video game awards and the cancer of the video game industry = FORNITE, PUBG and AMONG US


I am empathic with you, and especially for that demonic circus called video game awards and the cancer of the video game industry = FORNITE, PUBG and AMONG US
Agreed on that game awards garbage. Honestly don’t know why so many people get excited for them outside of the trailers which most of the time aren’t that great. 13 sentinals not even being nominated for best narrative was a disgrace.
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