What if Switch 2 is not BC with Switch 1. Hypothetically.

If Switch 2 is not backwards compatible would it affect your buying decisions?

  • 1.) It makes no difference, I will purchase.

    Votes: 51 26.7%
  • 2.) Nintendo will anger me, and I will not be purchasing

    Votes: 93 48.7%
  • 3.) Honestly, depends on Software, pricing, and if they "Re-release" big Switch titles as 4k edition

    Votes: 59 30.9%

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I do wonder if a possible Switch 2 gives Nintendo the opportunity to “re-release” editions of games with DLC and performance patch and charge for them. Pokémon scarlet, Bayonetta 3 and SMT V come to mind.


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It's not about that. You have to read his original comment but i think it got deleted.

I mean I don't care what it was originally about, I read as far as "the Switch was cheap/low end hardware" which is simply not true as it was by far the best hardware Nintendo could have used at the time.
in a way the Switch was among the most cutting edge consoles ever released by the time of its launch.

both current consoles were less powerful than comparable x86/x64 systems on the market, while the Switch was more powerful than almost anything in its class, with the only exception being stationary Android boxes that also used the X1 but at higher clocks... which I think is only the Nvidia Shield TV.


I love Nintendo but I'm not buying Mario Kart 8 for a third time.

I don't think they can get away with a third of their releases being last gen ports next time, but as stated a few times before it is Nintendo so nothing is off the table.
For me it’s quite important as I tend not to keep older consoles and usually trade them in for newer ones. It depends though, I’d probably still end up buying it because I think it’s such a great platform, especially for indie titles.
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The problem with this is that WiiU was a commercial failure, so all the best games got a chance to shine again on the Switch.

Not now - Switch is an unmitigated success, Nintendo is swimming in cash and has no excuse now.

I really cannot fathom a scenario where the next console will be anything else than Switch 2 - the market has proven that the concept of console + handheld works incredibly well.

Knowing Nintendo though they will get once gain stupid idea to go standalone + handheld in the thought they will capture the market from Sony and Microsoft.
WiiU likely would have had some potential had they un-Wii'd it. There was potential in some of the game but I'll share a secret with you. I was completely disconnected from Nintendo when they previewed and launched WiiU. When I first saw it, I thought it was an upgraded Wii. I really did not know this was a new console as I'd seen the Wii mini just a couple years prior. That bring back to understanding Nintendo's next move.

So, we know this about Nintendo in terms of new hardware:

1. Focus is always on first party games and they're never going to push a console to the levels we see with say, PS5 of X BOX X

2. They're happy with this and know it will still effectively sell as long as people like the hardware. Didn't say love it.

That said, I highly doubt we'll see a Switch 2 (meaning a beefed up 'pro' version of the exisiting Switch). However, not learning from mistakes this:

"Knowing Nintendo though they will get once gain stupid idea to go standalone + handheld in the thought they will capture the market from Sony and Microsoft."

They may try something like that. I keep picturing this Switch Dock-sized console where the games can be loaded into and having a slide out screen with wireless motion sensitive control. Unfortunately, they way the may end up going forward is backward.


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I'd be ok with it if Nintendo worked with Apple and adopted the M2 Processor/GPU. The performance/battery life/quality uplift would be worth losing BC. But other than that, I see no reason they'd lose BC.
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