What games do you wish you enjoyed? But sadly don't


What time is it?
While I agree that the game's missions and open world free roam moments are often at odds with one another and that the missions are far too prohibitive on player agency, the 2 missions you used to highlight these issues and the things you were prevented from doing are themselves at odds with the context of the particular mission's narrative, so it actually makes sense the design prevented from doing what you were trying to do, in both cases.

In the oil wagon mission "Pouring fourth oil", you are not directed to "go and hide it somewhere off the beaten path", you are instructed to hide it in a specific location, the location a future mission starts, you know, because you've left the oil wagon there.... And in the mission to return Jamie to Arthur's former flame Mary, you're bringing your ex-girlfriend's brother back to his family, not capturing a deranged criminal, it isn't exactly a scenario in which a lasso would be employed.

If the game were so open that these sort of expectations would be possible this frequently, it would've taken them another 5 years to make the game with multiple potential outcomes to every mission based on the insane amounts of player deviation from the intended method of completion. I mean sure, I wish story missions didn't have so many fail states, but I'm referring to being annoyed when I go too far one direction and fail for "abandoning the gang", not that I can't complete the mission in a method completely divorced from the context of the situation.

If you want to dictate narrative, don't make an open world game. Look at the agency allowed in GTAIII and then look at how prohibitive every game has been from R* since. Maybe that was a happy accident but it shows it can be done, by that development studio and the mission design and narrative isn't all that different from what came after it. Further, a lot of it isn't about narrative it's about having "cool moments" like the train cutting off your pursuit. Those moments would be a hell of a lot cooler if they happened organically in the open world's that R* creates. That would lead to more interesting conversations amongst players and be great for replay value.
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If you want to dictate narrative, don't make an open world game. Look at the agency allowed in GTAIII and then look at how prohibitive every game has been from R* since. Maybe that was a happy accident but it shows it can be done, by that development studio and the mission design and narrative isn't all that different from what came after it. Further, a lot of it isn't about narrative it's about having "cool moments" like the train cutting off your pursuit. Those moments would be a hell of a lot cooler if they happened organically in the open world's that R* creates. That would lead to more interesting conversations amongst players and be great for replay value.

I'm not sure I could name one modern, AAA, open world game devoid of a dictated narrative. Even GTA III had a dictated narrative. I'm not suggesting that Rockstar can't improve on the level of agency allowed players during their story missions, but what you're talking about is agency to an unreasonable and unrealistic degree in modern game development. One of the reasons GTA III had more agency is because the narrative and mission design in that game was comparatively very primitive to what modern expectations of a story mission require.
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Majoras mask was one if the first. Time limits give me bad anxiety where I have to look up every aspect of the game, plan my routes and basically ruin the experience out of fear of getting lost and running out of time.


Batman games post Arkham Assylum, it makes so much sense for them to be sandbox open world, but they just feel inferior to AA... I get overwhelmed easily by them and just not fun, I’m trying to complete AK since like July but I just don’t feel like it... something in that game feels off to me but seeing it not objectively, game is basically a perfect Batman game, it’s just that can’t enjoy it a as much as I’d like to...


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Dragon Quest 1 - You only control one hero? Wtf

Dragon Quest 2 - Super hard.

Dragon Quest 3 - Main character looks like Goku and the rest if the party are personality less

Dragon Quest 4. Why does it ask me my name if I'm going to ay as some old man

Dragon Quest 5. If I wanted to play Baby's adventure with Daddy, I'd call my old man.

Dragon Quest 6. It's okay, but it's no FFVI.

Dragon Quest VII. Couldn't get past the fact the main character looks like a hobbit.

Dragon Quest VIII. Why God oh why isn't alchemy pit instant.

Dragon Quest IX. I can't believe they downgraded this game into a ds game.

Dragon Quest X. It's insulting that they made an MMO as a main series game.

Dragon Quest XI. Main character looks like Trunks
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A lot, but the big ones of the top of my head are probably the Dark Souls-type games, GTA (or most of R*’s games), The Elder Scrolls, racing sims, FIFA (or sports games in general) etc.


Tales of ... games.

Alot of ppl praise games like Tales of Vesperia, and Berseria, but every time i give these games a chance i end up disliking them alot and just force myself to finish them as fast as possible to justify the money i spent on them and in hopes they eventually get better later, but they never do.

I think mostly is the battle system used in these games is so bad that makes the progression of the game a chore. The stories are just ok, some characters are good others are terrible. By the time the credits roll my feelings are that was just a waste of time.


Final Fantasy XIV the thread.

I've tried three times to get into the game throughout its lifespan. The first time, I got to the end of the A Realm Reborn's MSQ. The second time, because of hype I pushed from Heavensward all the way until the end Shadowbringers. There were some decent story beats here and there, but more the most part I felt like I was actively forcing myself to do something I didn't want to do and was wasting my time. The story is just filled with so much filler all the time and people going on and on about stuff that has really little value. The parts that everyone hypes are maybe 5% or less of the total dialog or story.

To make matters worse, the dated questing system just ruins the fluidity of the story since you have to actively start each quest and wait for it to play the music each times like it's something new. Then, when you go to the next part of the quest you always have to engage an item or character in an awkward way. Just feels so unnatural and lacks spontaneity. That and all the random fetch quests you are forced to partake in in the middle of the story. It's like those joke quests in old JRPGs that are self aware, except this is not self-aware and is actively wasting your time when they could make things much smoother.

The gameplay itself is not horrible when you are a higher level and get used to it. I like doing the dungeons with people and taking on the bosses, but the waiting aspect can be annoying at times. If I had to say the biggest drawback, it would be that the action feels less visceral than some other MMORPGs. If they combined the Final Fantasy style abilities with a more action oriented battle system I think it would be much cooler, though I know that's not ever going to happen.


Good question. But I'd probably rank Silent Hill 1-3, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, Uncharted 1-3, Horizon: Zero Dawn and Witcher 3 as some of my faves.

Edit: MGS 1, 2 and 4 too.
You seem to really enjoy cinematic experiences. Uncharted? Really? They're just Indiana Jones/National Treasure in video game form. Metal Gear Solid? I guess you could argue they are fun thrill rides which brings up some interesting political subject matters, but you can't say they are well written stories. Especially not 2 which just bombards you with countless plot twists after plot twists at the very end of the game. Why did you omit 3 which is the most grounded of the 4 games?

Silent Hill 2 is well written with great atmosphere. I'll give you that.
Breath of the Wild for me. I played it to completion because I'm weird like that but I hated the wonky controls and worse the weapons breaking. WTF nintendo?!


Monster Hunter.

I want to love it so much. Grinding gear and weapons is my kind of fun.

I just fucking hate the gameplay. It makes me so angry; clunky, imprecise and slow.


I don't really enjoy RTS games.

I still can't get into Dragon Age but guess I'll try again one day.

I will really really try to get into more eurojank games, like The Void and Pathologic.


Ori and the Will of the Wisps

How? Why?.. I don't even have any criticism of the game, no idea why I don't like it. So, I "finished" the whole of Hollow Knight, and I put finish in quotes because it's way too hard for me, so I installed cheats to deal with the bosses and difficult platforming sections. Also, I had to play it on KB and didn't particularly liked movement or combat, even the easy parts. So I only engaged with 1/3 of the game, you could say, exploration/interactions with NPC and I loved it! Loved discovering new locations, tried every dialogue options then "dreamnailed" everyone, loved atmosphere and the "story", and when I see anything HK online, it puts smile on my face.

So, I figured I'd LOVE OTWW. It looked beautiful on screenshots, story sounded emotional and touching. And I guess it's all true. I liked how "live" the world looked, I liked movement and combat much more than HK (it being easier is a plus for me), everything looked nice... it just didn't charm me whatsoever. World is beautifully made but somehow not as attractive (for me) as in stills, exploration wasn't fun for me, I didn't want to discover new areas, NPCs I wanted to strangle. Bounced off it very fast and have no urge to go back.

No objective criticisms here, when someone says it's a wonderful beautiful game I'll nod sagely, I just didn't love it at all. Honestly surprised at that as I loved it in theory. I think in theory I still do!

Re: VIII. Now, this one I'll make myself finish probably. Very beautiful, aesthetic and everything just fits my tastes, don't mind campiness and all that. I just don't quite get the gameplay, what it's trying to be. The survival aspect doesn't work for me I guess. Maybe I should up the difficulty, but something tells me that dying more often will just annoy me. It's one of the games I really should have just watch on youtube, but I wanted to explore at will.


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Dark Souls Gamer GIF by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment

For some reason, the From Software games always hype me up in hopes I'll enjoy them, but I end up dropping them each time out of boredom. I love a good challenge, but there's just something that feels strangely off with the gameplay for me.

It's odd because I actually loved Salt & Sanctuary, which is supposedly near identical gameplay on a 2D plane.

I still have hopes for Elden Ring, but maybe I'll wait for reviews this time around.

(Sorry to all the From Software fans out there- I'm glad you find enjoyment in their games!) :)
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I wish that Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales was closer to the Gwent from Witcher 3 because I loved Gwent in that game, but the one from Thronebreaker was pure ass.


Demon's Souls - I wish I was good at these games especially since more and more games are starting to implement souls-like mechanics. There's just something about the clunkiness and gravity that I can't sync up with, it feels like trying to sprint in shoulder-height water. I've watched people play and make it look easy then as soon as I boot them up I'm dodge-rolling right into an enemy's attack.


i don't understand the concept of wishing to enjoy something you don't enjoy.

I guess i wish i enjoyed working and doing my taxes
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dead rising

on paper i loved everything about the game, in rality i discovered i hate to play again stuff i already played, so the repetition mechanic at the base of the games made so that i couldn't stand it after a couple restarts

Has to be Souls games. It's not so much the difficulty, because I really enjoyed Returnal while still finding it too difficult, but that they're just so BORING.

Everything in the game is hidden behind endless layers of stats, pointless drivelling "lore" or some other kind of needless complexity or opacity. It is, undeniably, difficult and obscure just for the sake of being difficult and obscure. Who the fuck decided that that's now a good thing?
I agree that the game is obtuse and I find ridicolous that you need to play it with the wikia open to understand completely what you have to do, with no chance to understand it on your own without trial and error

still loved the first one though...trid to get into the third one but i got old and soft and bumped against the difficulty and lost interest
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As of this writing:

Most Rougelites. For those, I really wish they would add a fixed mode so that the player can actually learn the game before throwing them into random generated purgatory. For example the VR game Yuki, its by all accounts a personal dream game, except for the rougelite elements. If it had a fixed mode with occasional checkpoints like after beating a boss, would easily be a 20/10 game.

Breath of the Wild: really was eager to give this game another chance after reading up some recent praise on it once more, and I walked away dissapointed. Which is a shame because I really digged its mechanics and visuals. But it feels too open to me, I have a stronger preference for more guided games so being thrown in a virtually endless free roaming world like that...bleh. Even with the IGN guide I still didn't make as much progress as I hoped, and if a game really needs a guide to have fun with it, I don't like that much...the game design should be able to be digestable by the player on their own to stand the test of time imo


Deus Ex.

I think the last time I tried it was a decade ago. I think it was a time when I wanted linear things which is weird cause I enjoyed Hitman 1-3 before and it’s basically the same kind of choose how you do the mission.


Dragons Dogma.

I heard nothing but praise for this game but despite trying it for a good few hours it didn't click with me because I hated the traversal and combat. I still don't understand why it's so liked. I actually rebought the game again when it was re-released for next gen but still dropped it :messenger_neutral:


Metal Gear 5, I mean c'mon this is Metal Gear, with its immense story and characters and music, but instead despite the freedom of how you tackle missions it was bad/boring...and had no grip for me...even peacewalker looks better..(in terms of the kind of game you are getting and level of immersion, I am not talking about graphics..)


Forza horizon. I've tried most games and I just can't get into them. I love cars and realistic /semi-realisric games but Horizon always puts me off. I don't know if it's the cringe festival or the chaotic map with a million icons, but even the driving itself feels lifeless and boring. I have to switch car every 5 minutes to add variety, otherwise I quit.

But give me Forza motorsport, GT or Driveclub and I can play for hours with a single car doing just time trials.
Kinda this ^^ for me, minus MotorSport, GT or Driveclub, but you can replace those with Burnout Paradise for me (any Burnout game really). That was the game. That I could have fun with for hours! Forza Horizon has adopted a lot from Burnout Paradise but it doesn't feel fully arcade to me.
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Mario series. Enjoyed when I was a kid, but now I just can't handle it.

Gears of War. Boring series. Tried so many times... can't handle it

Little Big Planet. Boring series.
I keep trying to get into games like Genshin, Fortnite, League of Legends, Valorant but I can't stick with them. They do interest me and I have played them quite a bit but I find myself quitting after a while. There is always that itch to go back to them and I do go back but I give up after a few days or weeks. At this point I suppose I will never truly get into them.
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I think ima quit Guardians of the Galaxy. The gameplay is ok. I think I am halfway through and just don't care anymore. Maybe if I gamestream it to a tv for couch gameplay. I am noticing certain single player games I don't care to sit on my computer and play it.


- Pokémon (don't give a fuck of capturing monsters and collecting them)
- Gran Turismo 7 (zzzzzzzZzzzzzz)
- VR games in general (played on PSVR)
- Monster Hunter games
- I liked Zelda BOTW it was "ok" but for me the weakest entry in the series by far, it just takes game mechanics from other "trendy games" of the moment (Soul games, AC games) and use them badly, in an empty world where nothing is to do, no dungeons, the gameplay was hollow... It is just "alright", which is a big disapoinment for a Zelda game.

Probably many others that came out of my mind
Yakuza series

Tried the first remake and tried like a dragon, they are both incredibly boring. If I liked them boy would I have a lot of content to playthrough
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The Witcher 3.
It's a shame because i really really wanted to like it. The world and visuals are beautiful but i just can't play it for more than 30 minutes before i start falling asleep.


Has to be Witcher 3. Everyone loved it and has amazing memories from playing it. I couldn’t stand it for more than 2 hours.

Horizon series is a close match. I played like 8 hours of Zero Dawn, completely forced, completely hating everything. I can’t even stand looking at its font these days. To me, it’s the tackiest game out there.


Years ago I would have said Dishonored series, but I gave them another chance with a different mindset and approach. Holy shit, It all clicked and the games turned out to be great.

Now? Returnal. On paper, it is toally my kind of a game, but i just find it dull.


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Monster Hunter.
The monster and armors look cool and I like the core combat. I just don't like anything else about it, the repetition, the grinding, all the boring stuff outside of combat, etc.
I think it's a highly misunderstood series for newcomers, of which I was one as well. I first approached it as an action-RPG. Took a while for me to realize, wait, this is...well, a hunting game. But easy to be fooled at first by the armor/weapon design and settings. The incentives and "repetition," as you call it, become addictive once you begin to understand its mechanics. Amazing series after that.


Lost Ark and BDO.

Fucking Korean grinds...
I have a love hate relationship with Korean MMO's, I LOVE the artstyles and gameplay but HATE the grindy shit and mtx p2w.
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