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What game you think has the best chance of beating out Elden Ring for GOTY?


Nothing will beat Elden Ring this year. The score and reviews are "too" perfect. If Starfield can match the reviews then I'll say that but knowing Bethsoft, I'm not really counting on a polished game like Elden Ring is. I would even go as far as to say that even if you had every Sony/Xbox exclusive to come out this year, none of them would beat it. The game is just too popular. Only game that could beat it across all 3 platforms would have to be a BOTW 2.
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Sadly? What's sad about either of those games being the GotY?

That sadly only applies to me. I've played a bit of Elden Ring and won't be getting Starfield much like I avoid Elder Scrolls like the plague. Neither of those games are for me.
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