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What are your top 3 most favorite Indie games?


Huntdown -cyberpunk style game

Nex Machina -twin stick shooter

Shadow Complex -uncharted in 2d style

I'm just getting into Shadow Complex but enjoying every minute
I am kind of confused to see so many crowd funded and major company published games on these lists...
You actually expect people to go look up whether the games have been kickstarted or not? Your distinction doesn't bring any meaningful difference for the actual games.


Hades - I love this game. The gameplay, progression, builds and witty writing are a joy.

Inside - the right puzzle challenge level for my tastes, and a creepy vibe throughout

hotline Miami - I enjoyed this a lot back in the day, weird story, satisfying gameplay, and dope music.

an honourable mention to Hollow Knight, i enjoyed it a lot it just got too hard for me. May play on god mode some day.

I still have bastion, stardew valley and soma that I own and intend to play through. Witness too. Also will buy disco Elysium at some point.

going. To try out procession to Calvary on game pass that just got added as I’m not feeling the avengers at all.
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Shovel Knight.
Hotline Miami.

I may be forgetting one here, but those are the first 3 what spring to mind so I'll roll with it. Shovel Knight and Journey are definitely my top 2.


I can't decide on the three favorite indie games, but three indie games that I think are superb are:

The exploration is great. There's a huge subterrainian world to explore. The turn-based combat is really fun, and the build vareity is great.

TROUBLESHOOTER: Abandoned Children
A very fun turn-based, tactical rpg. Fun combat, large maps, and solid build vareity. The game is amazing but hasn't sold gangbusters.

Salt and Sanctuary
A really fun combination of metroidvania and soulslike in 2D. I had a blast with this game.

These three studios were and still are independent. Not owned by anyone, and no crowdfunding campaigns.
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