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The American composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein described the symphony as the first musical expedition into psychedelia because of its hallucinatory and dream-like nature, and because history suggests Berlioz composed at least a portion of it under the influence of opium. According to Bernstein, "Berlioz tells it like it is. You take a trip, you wind up screaming at your own funeral."

After attending a performance of William Shakespeare's Hamlet on 11 September 1827, Berlioz fell in love with the Irish actress Harriet Smithson, who had played the role of Ophelia. He sent her numerous love letters, all of which went unanswered. When she left Paris in 1829, they had still not met.[6] Berlioz then wrote Symphonie fantastique as a way to express his unrequited love.

The second movement is a waltz in 3/8. It begins with a mysterious introduction that creates an atmosphere of impending excitement, followed by a passage dominated by two harps; then the flowing waltz theme appears, derived from the idée fixe at first,[9] then transforming it. More formal statements of the idée fixe twice interrupt the waltz.

The movement is the only one to feature the two harps, providing the glamour and sensual richness of the ball, and may also symbolize the object of the young man's affection. Berlioz wrote extensively in his memoirs of his trials and tribulations in having this symphony performed, due to a lack of capable harpists and harps, especially in Germany.

Another feature of this movement is that Berlioz added a part for solo cornet to his autograph score, although it was not included in the score published in his lifetime. The work has most often been played and recorded without the solo cornet part.

Maiden Voyage

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After tonight if you don't want this to be
A secret out of the past
I will resurrect it, I'll have a good go at it
I'll streak his blood across my beak
Dust my feathers with his ashes
Feel his ghost breathing down my back
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Things Don't Always Go the Way You Plan


Maiden Voyage

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I can’t stop thinking about this song and EP. It’s hauntingly beautiful.

Scream when you need me, in fact, you can scream when you don't
I'd rather sit here with you screaming than sit here alone
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