Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead Zombie DLC Announced


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Watch Dogs Legion is a great open-world stealth action-adventure for both current and next-gen consoles. So how do you freshen it up, let alone improve upon it? We're not quite sure about the verdict on the improving it part yet (we've only just started to play the new DLC), but there's no doubt that adding zombies into the mix will at least freshen up the action. Enter Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead, the biggest and certainly most surprising part of Title Update 4.5. It will be available tomorrow, June 1.

Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead is a brand-new online PvE mode currently in Alpha phase on PC. Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead delivers a rogue-lite experience where players will have to "Survive-as-Anyone" against the looming threat of the undead and hostile living roaming the re-imagined fallen city of London.

In solo or up to four friends in co-op, players will need to strategize on how to reach the extraction point for each run and gather as many supplies as possible along the way. Players can use abilities such as the Bee Swarm to decimate enemies, the AR Cloak to escape threats and a Combat Spider-Bot equipped with a turret for protection.
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Well that's certainly one way to do zombies. . .o_0


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so the 60 fps patch is out today (it's 2AM in europe)
is there a timeframe when exactly it will release? because I waited for this patch... can't tolerate 30fps anymore... like it was annoying before this gen, but now that I almost only play on PC and Series X... 30fps is absolutely intolerable


Am I the only one who really dislikes Ubisofts "silly" DLC approach?

If the game is good and the story is good I want them to add more to that, not the same, played out zombie/ goofy alien shit.
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Really wish they'd stop the zombie shit if they are just gonna make really boring things. Gimme shit that's crazy as hell like Blood Dragon if you are gonna take your franchises in really different directions.

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Those are the most non-threatening zombies of all time, but I guess it's because they also have human enemies that shoot at you.
Could be a fun little coop activity though I guess, but I'd probably hop straight back to CoD zombies.


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Zombie hordes have decimated London in Legion of the Dead, and the free alpha is now available as a standalone download for players who own Watch Dogs: Legion on PC. Join the Ubisoft News team and special guest, Online Director JP Cambiotti, as they spawn amidst a hostile landscape with only a pistol and a dream. With supplies and gear upgrades scattered throughout the city and guarded by deadly Albion and Clan Kelley crews, will our heroes be able to sneak, shoot, and sprint their way to the extraction point before the clock runs out?

Not a bad DLC to me.


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Well the upside to having a game like Legion that is devoid of any kind of soul or personality is that you can fling pretty much anything at it to see what sticks because ultimately nothing matters and nobody cares.

Characters from previous installments even though story, tone and concepts were wildly different and it kinda makes no sense? Hell yeah. Assassin's Creed? Sure, go right ahead. Zombie mode? Fuck it, why not.


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

The Watch Dogs: Legion Free Weekend is live now on PS4, PS5, PC, and Stadia! To celebrate, Ubisoft News is playing the included Legion of the Dead mode, which puts you and up to three teammates in the middle of a London that has been overrun by zombies. The mode is now available on PC and consoles, and recent updates have added new weapons, new enemies, and new weather conditions like wind, rain, and fog. The fog is actually quite beautiful (until a zombie lurches out of it to try to eat your flesh)!
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