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Watch Dogs: Legion: Bloodline DLC Announce Trailer


I am playing Bloodline now and it feels like the Watch Dogs 1 sequel I wanted and never got (until now). I am 13 hours in and still haven't finished it, so it is a decent chunk of game.
Really enjoying it. And playing as Wrench in second part is fun too, especially his dialogue with Jordi Chin.

At launch I hated the game, because it ran like shit on my PC and I disliked the lack of proper protagonist.

But now it runs much better (on that same PC), and Bloodline is what the game should have been. However, I can apparently play as Aiden and Wrench even in the main campaign, so I will play that too once I finish Bloodline.

Also, it is fun to finally get a city action game set in Europe for once. And in a city I visited. Less 90 degree streets, yay.

That is what Bloodline is. And while I don't think full blackout is available, Aiden does have a tool to shut down all electronics nearby.
Ooooh I'm hyped for this now
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