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WarioWare: Get It Together! – Announcement Trailer | Nintendo E3 2021


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The famous Mario's evil double will offer his mini-games before the end of the year on Nintendo Switch.
The game comes with a two-player cooperative mode to make mini-games even more funnier.
For the rest, it's pure WarioWare with the realization of many mini-games in a fairly short period of time.

Did you miss cleaning hairy nostrils, pouring liters of whipped cream or tickling underarms in cartoonish decorations?
Don't worry: a release date has been unveiled by the Japanese firm, namely September 10, 2021.
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Interesting idea, having you control characters on the set of a microgame rather than the microgame directly. And the addition of co-op gives it some meat as well. Another example of WarioWare using the features of its platform in a way you never expected.


Hmm. Not much love for WarioWare these days on gaf eh? I haven't seen Game & Wario (Wii U) but I wonder if that kinda dinged the franchise. Last one I played was Smooth Moves (Wii) which was a ton of fun. Everything before that was excellent/super fun as well, as far as ADD/ addictive twitch gaming in the modern era goes, with a reassuring helping of that funky Wario humor and style. Anyway I am happy to see a new entry but this presentation didn't really wow me. I feel like there are a ton of interesting mechanics they could do with the Switch platform and the Wario Ware motif, and hopefully the gameplay will bear that out. This game has never really been too much about the visuals, by comparison. One to watch, for me!
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