Vtuber Community Survey **CYBERPUNK 2077 GIVEAWAY**

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Hi! I'm a co-founder of a tech startup building tools and services to better help vtubers and their fans succeed with their goals!

We are running a survey for vtubers and fans, and giving away five boxes of vtuber merch to participants (we will choose 5 at random from all people who complete the survey). It takes about 10 minutes to fill in.

Additionally, we are giving away 1 pre-order of Cyberpunk 2077 on Steam to a member of the Gaf community. Just mention you're a Gaf user and your username in the survey.

Here is a link to the survey - we'll use the responses to help us understand where the biggest problems are, and focus our efforts to help solve them.


I need to be able to afford Shrimping on HolloliveEN so I'll need to become a vtuber to afford my EN simp lifestyle
vert curious about more software for this goal
I did the survey. Didn't see any place to say that I'm from GAF. But also filled it out quickly as I'm at work.

Not sure I'm a good target audience anyways as I've literally never even heard the term Vtuber until today.


Wow, I didn't know what a vtuber was, and when I googled it, I wish I didn't know what a vtuber is. I vomited at little and thought, that all this is for is dudes yanking the snake to it, it's not great, it's cringey to the max.

One of the questions(if you got far enough) "would you like to book private time with a vtuber" that really clarified my early point.

If anyone "needs" a vtuber they can just shoot themselves, pitch shift their voice and have ton's of "fun".

Thank you for the giveaway and making me vomit and cringe at the same time.

The data that you get out of this survey from Gaf will be very interesting.
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Gaf introduced me to vtubers.
Why gaf? Why can’t we have normal things anymore in 2020? Is everything meant to go to shit this year?

i’d like 1 cyberpunk code yes please.

fu smiles@cries you have taken my innocence 👎

rise kujikawa💋
I never win anything so we'll see if my luck has changed...

I only know what a vtuber is because there was a thread on GAF where someone posted some clips from that Kizuna Ai channel that they thought were funny... Then I looked them up which is why I answered this question the way I did...

"What do you dislike about vtubers and/or the vtuber community?" I answered - loli's.

I like to think I made a difference...
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