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Voice to Text


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I could use some help.

I am a fairly good typer when I'm on my computer. Unfortunately, I've been without a computer for a while and thus a normal keyboard.

I'm using the text keyboard on my Android phone and voice to text is absolutely horrendous on this thing. Unless I say things really slow, it generally screws up most of what I have to say.

I really, really don't want to have to download an entirely new keyboard app especially for those times when I do need to type out words so is there some kind of setting I can use that could help us out?


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Why do you need voice to text? Learn swipe typing, it's much faster than regular touch screen typing once you're used to it.


You could get a Bluetooth keyboard I guess. They sell ones with docks that your phone can sit on. I tried voice to text on iOS and it’s no better, so I usually send short voice clips instead if I’m busy
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