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Video Game Esoterica: Galerians - The "Resident Evil" PS1 Alternative


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Galerians is what happens when Resident Evil meets sci fi survival horror...and the combination is absolutely amazing! It's got all the classic PS1 retro gaming survival horror game vibes you are looking for with an awesome graphical style! Retrogaming win in my book!

Galarians ...it's basically what you get if you take the concepts of Resident Evil (medical experimentation gone wrong) and turn it on it's head. Have you ever wanted to play a survival horror game where you could use telepathy to explode your enemies heads? Well then Galarians has got you covered! It's an awesome PS1 horror game you should def check out!


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I played this game but I barely remember it. It came out around the same time as Parasite Eve 2, which made it obsolete.
I don't even remember if I enjoyed it or not.
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Loved this one, it was really nothing special but using mind power in a re game was pretty neat.

Never played the sequel.


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I remember this game, it was hard (or frustrating?) as nails

No way this game would manage to release today with all those drug items
They released elex where an entire tribe is based on drugs usage basically.

Drugs are not nearly as controversial as white men or some other woke shit in modern days.
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Crap, I remember it. It was on multiple discs too iirc.

I don't think I ever finished, but it left a mark in my young brain. I remember the character and the fact he would move slowly because of terrible headaches. Also the fact items were scarce and hard to find.
I remember this game and it’s unique, sort of creepy and eccentric atmosphere. I can’t even remember if I was able to finish it or not because I think it was quite challenging.


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In this game the drug usage is more emphasized though.
Have you played elex? Because the tribe i talk about are a bunch of crazy junkies and you can literally make a build around drugs, way more in-depth than anything inside galerians.
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