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VGTech: Bloodhunt PS5 Frame Rate Test


Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?

Quality Mode renders at a native resolution of 3840x2160.

Performance Mode renders at a native resolution of 2560x1440 and uses FSR 1.0 to upscale from 2560x1440 to 3840x2160.


Don't play in Quality mode.

PlatformsPS5 Quality ModePS5 Performance Mode
Frame Amounts
Game Frames2887634489
Video Frames3556134820
Frame Tearing Statistics
Total Torn Frames00
Lowest Torn Line--
Frame Height21602160
Frame Time Statistics
Mean Frame Time20.53ms16.83ms
Median Frame Time16.67ms16.67ms
Maximum Frame Time33.33ms50ms
Minimum Frame Time16.67ms16.67ms
95th Percentile Frame Time33.33ms16.67ms
99th Percentile Frame Time33.33ms16.67ms
Frame Rate Statistics
Mean Frame Rate48.73fps59.43fps
Median Frame Rate49fps60fps
Maximum Frame Rate60fps60fps
Minimum Frame Rate32fps41fps
5th Percentile Frame Rate38fps56fps
1st Percentile Frame Rate35fps50fps
Frame Time Counts
16.67ms22191 (76.85%)34165 (99.06%)
33.33ms6685 (23.15%)317 (0.92%)
50ms0 (0%)7 (0.02%)
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played it on PS5 and if I would ever play it it would be on PC, regardless of performance

the game has zero button remapping and even worse... AIM ACCELERATION that can not be turned off -_-

when will developers finally get the fucking memo that aim acceleration IS BAD...?
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What absolute muffinhead didn't just lower the quality mode res to 1728p/1800p to cap it to 60fps, stupid-o!
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