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VGC: Sony could introduce PSN account linking for PC games and rewards, data files in Spiderman suggest


aka IMurRIVAL69

Since its release on PC last week, fans have been digging through the game files of PlayStation’s latest port, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and discovered references to PlayStation Network integration within its code.

According to the game files – which have been viewed by VGC – Sony could be planning to allow PC players to link their PlayStation Network accounts to specific games and offer in-game bonuses as a reward for doing so.

While neither Marvel’s Spider-Man nor any other PlayStation Studios PC game currently allows connectivity with PSN accounts, Spider-Man’s files contain multiple references to “PSNAccountLinked” and “PSNLinkingEntitlements”.
Furthermore, references in Spider-Man’s files to “LevelCapExtras” in relation to “PSN Linking bonuses” appears to suggest that developer Insomniac was either experimenting or planning to give players extra skill points for linking their accounts.

Before this discovery, PlayStation launched a new section on its site specifically about PlayStation Games for PC last week.

One of the questions within the site’s FAQ asked if a PSN account was needed to play PlayStation games on PC, with Sony responding: “No, you currently do not need a PSN account to enjoy PlayStation Studios games on PC.”

These recent findings could indicate that PlayStation Network Integration could indeed arrive in the future, but as an optional feature for players who choose to integrate with the service.



Whew, so me buying all the jump taco:turbo games was worth it. I can share all my trophies to my pc friends
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