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Verizon now gives you the option to buy Xbox Series S standalone with a free 2nd controller for $299. Don't need to be a customer to purchase.


Verizon generally pushes getting Xbox on All Access, with Series S now $20/mo for December.

But now you can buy the Xbox Series S standalone without All Access, and Verizon will bundle in a free controller. The interesting thing about this is that unlike their other online way to purchase the Series S, for this one you DO NOT need to actually be a Verizon customer.

Verizon also tried to pull the fake discount pricing strategy. After some people pointed it out on social media Verizon did fix it on the checkout page, but as you can see they have not fixed it yet on the listing page.

Here they have the Xbox Series S crossed out at the "original" price of $659.75 and that they discounted it too $299 bunded with a free extra controller. Tricky Tricky Verizon.

I do find it interesting you can choose two White controllers, a White and Black controller, but not two Black controllers.
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