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Vegan ‘called police after friends made her eat chicken nuggets’

That is still a shitty prank.

I would not have called the cops, would have given them the pimp slap, however.

I fuckin hate vegan fanatics, but I admit similar " pranks " are an asshole thing in every possible way
I'd make them eat Dog shit meatballs with tomato sauce as a counterprank lol

Being either vegan or vegetarian is totally fine, but avoid trying to Force convert all the people around, just keep it for yourself and shut up
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What if it was religious beliefs though?
Personally I think someone with attitude of not wanting to hurt animals has higher defense than someone who believes in mystical beings and yet.......


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The oily batter is vegan.

All she had to do is spit out that delicious overly processed chicken puree filling that has been solidified with binders.
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............ Unemployment and lives at home till she's 40.

- Senior citizen parents finally kick her out
- Needs government assistance
- Hard working taxpayers pay up to keep her afloat so she can attend SJW vegan events
- Dies at an older age accomplishing nothing in life
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One time when I was little my mom tricked me into eating fried fish by telling me it was chicken strips. Can’t wait to see the look on that bitch’s face when the police show up and throw her ass in a squad car thirty years later.

It happened in California too so I hope she gets life in prison
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