Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 delayed to 2021

After they fired all the creative leads and replaced them with a Mass Effect: Andromeda writer, can't say I'm holding out any hope for this title.

Aesthetic direction aside, the production on this has just been a trainwreck - Hardsuit Labs (ex-Zombie, I believe?) doesn't give any confidence that they know what they are doing and they seem to have all the developers that no one else in Seattle wants to work with.
Someone claiming to be a beta tester posted some feedback on Bloodlines 2, not sure how credible it is:

Original post (translation link posted in 2nd quote). Not my post, just sharing.


Someone apparently found some tweets/posts from a beta tester for VTMB2, first is the actual posts:

VTMB2 Original Posts from Beta Tester

And here's a rough translation since the original comments are screen captured and hard to Google translate:

Rough Translation of Posts

It's RPG Codex (bleh), but might be worth a read. Also, apparently the penalty for being a tester and talking about the beta test is pretty steep (30K USD).

Edit: An actual proper translation of the feedback would be welcome, though.

And someone translated it and posted it:

Translated version (according to them) so you don't have to jump to link.

If anyone can actually translate Russian, though, another translation would be welcome:


I'll sum it up, paraphrasing here and there:

- there's a bug where you're f***ing a chick and then fall through her, through all the textures, and then emerge in the sky, fall down and splash on the asphalt. best bug ever. game is extremely bugged, cyberpunk is a flawless gem by comparison.

- the world feels absolutely dead and empty

- dialogues and writing makes zero sense, like minor characters claiming they took a vow to only drink rat blood and not kill anyone for the last 100 years and then in the next scene they're ravaging a squad of cops with a wooden plank, drinking everyone and it's no biggie

- factions are there as decoration, can't join any

- AI is stupid compared to cyberpunk. cops are so stupid, it's immersion breaking

- can't f*** hookers until you have 5 humanity, because you "can't get it up" (XXX: didn't understand what he meant by another phrase, it may be that you can't get 5 humanity and therefore hookers are just non functional, or maybe I just misunderstood)

- the story is you get dumped by a girlfriend, but when she leaves you, you all get jumped by thin bloods who bite you and everyone dies except you, and you're now a thin blood yourself, but the lowest of the low, you don't do anything important in the story, just do delivery quests for the big guys which is boring and sucks

- the Tremere have devised a way to turn a thin blood into a clan-based vampire. (XXX: not sure, but I think you can play as different clans then, because he then goes on to say that it's better to play Tremere than Malkavian, because Malkavian is ruined)

- lot of stupid references and wink-winks to the previous title, cringe worthy

- game is based on v5, and it's shit. everyone is blood mage, even thin bloods. the Tremere lost half their mechanics from first game.

- can meet Jeanette/Therese Voerman for a couple minutes, but can't sex her

- the dialogues are like
Cross: you want dick?
You: yes
That's it.
(XXX: not sure what the author meant by that, probably that the dialogues are primitive and lack C&C)

- the tremere can summon anything, as long as there's victims. you can make a pentagram made of civilians and create an argameddon, then fuck off to the other side of the city. but this drains blood like a vacuum cleaner. while playing the beta, at least once an hour I went so hungry, had to drink any passing bum

- the serial killer is nice

- a lot of people got invited into the beta, but the fine is at $30k if they talk, so nobody's talking
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