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News Drama US corrections officer has been jailed after having sex with inmate


Gold Member
Oct 16, 2017
A long haul flight from wherever you are.
Inmates have absolutely nothing to lose by fucking prison staffers. Best sex of their lives considering they probably haven’t fucked in years. And aren’t gonna get in trouble for it, it will always fall on the officers or staff.

Easiest decision to make if you’re an inmate.

That documentary orange is the new black tells me they be fucking all the time.

German Hops

Jun 7, 2019
Dallas, Texas
I sorta want to see the dude she gave it up for.

Patrick S.

Amiga Forever
May 4, 2013
Love how in the US if you ever commit any kind of crime, your name and uncensored picture are published everywhere.


Jan 23, 2020
She did a lot of stupid things and even boasted about her actions.
… Also, does the video even exist?
Mar 7, 2017
A US corrections officer has been jailed after she cut a hole in her trousers to have sex with an inmate in front of 11 other prisoners.

Tina Gonzalez, 26, quit after being arrested in May last year when bosses found out about the ‘depraved’ sexual fantasy she carried out at Fresno County Jail, in California.

Despite it being illegal for prison staff to have sexual relations with inmates, Gonzalez cut her uniform so she could have sex with a prisoner while 11 others watched, local outlet The Frenso Bee reported.

She has since shown ‘no remorse’ and has ‘sexually explicit’ phone calls with the prisoner regularly, her former boss, assistant sheriff Steve McComas told the court on Tuesday.

He said he had seen ‘pretty disgusting things’ in his 26 years of working at a prison but Gonzalez’s actions topped his list.

Gonzalez, who had worked as a corrections officer for more than three years, has also been ‘boasting’ about her crimes since committing them, Mr McComas added.

He said: ‘That is something only a depraved mind can come up with.

‘She took an oath which she betrayed and in doing so endangered her coworkers’ lives.’

Eh!... How? By taking pipe?

Gonzalez also supplied the inmate with razors and a cell phone and she would regularly warn him when his cell was going to be searched.

Oh that makes sense then.