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Urban Meyer placed on leave in bombshell Ohio State move


“Aww, it’s so...average,” she said to him in a cold brick of passion
Ohio State has placed coach Urban Meyer on paid administrative leave while it investigates claims that his wife knew about allegations of domestic violence against an assistant coach years before he was fired last week.

Courtney Smith gave an interview to Stadium and provided text messages to former ESPN reporter Brett McMurphy between her and Shelley Meyer in 2015 and with the wives of other Buckeyes coaches. Courtney Smith also provided threatening texts she said came from her ex-husband, former assistant Zach Smith.

“Shelley said she was going to have to tell Urban,” Courtney Smith told Stadium. “I said: ‘That’s fine, you should tell Urban.'”

Zach Smith was fired last week after an Ohio court granted a domestic violence protective order to Courtney Smith.

Hours after Courtney Smith’s interview was posted online Wednesday, Ohio State said it was conducting an investigation into the allegations and Meyer was being placed on leave. Offensive coordinator Ryan Day will serve as acting head coach for the Buckeyes, expected to be one of the top teams in the nation again this season.

Meyer said he and athletic director Gene Smith agree that being on leave during the inquiry was best for the investigation.

“This allows the team to conduct training camp with minimal distraction. I eagerly look forward to the resolution of this matter.” Meyer said in a statement.

Meyer is heading into his seventh season at Ohio State, where he is 73-8 with a national title in 2014 and two Big Ten Conference championships. Shelley Meyer is a registered nurse and is employed as an instructor at Ohio State. Both Meyer and his wife could be in violation of Title IX policy on reporting allegations of domestic violence against university employees.

Zach Smith was charged in May with misdemeanor criminal trespass. At the time of the charge, his attorney said Courtney Smith had accused him of driving to her apartment after she told him they would meet elsewhere so he could drop off their son. Zach Smith pleaded not guilty last month. A hearing has been scheduled for Friday.

Zach Smith was also accused of aggravated battery on his then-pregnant wife in 2009 while he was a graduate assistant on Meyer’s staff at Florida. The charge was dropped because of insufficient evidence. Urban Meyer brought Smith, the grandson of late Buckeyes coach Earle Bruce, to Ohio State in 2012.

Two police reports filed in 2015 in Ohio’s Powell County, after the Smiths separated in June of that year, accused Zach Smith of abuse. Charges were never filed.

At Big Ten media days, Meyer said he knew of the incident in 2009 and that he and Shelley Meyer addressed it with the Smiths. He was also asked about the 2015 incident alleged by Courtney Smith.

“I can’t say it didn’t happen because I wasn’t there,” he replied. “I was never told about anything and nothing ever came to light. I’ve never had a conversation about it. I know nothing about it. First I heard about that was last night. No, and I asked some people back at the office to call and say what happened and they came back and said they know nothing about it.”

The Smiths divorced in 2016.


Not looking good for Meyer. Hopefully the team and Meyer do the right thing and agree to part ways. Because the case against him does not look good from a PR standpoint and Ohio State is too big of a school to let something like this slide. He is a good enough coach though that after a year or two some small school will take a chance on him and "give him a second chance".
Penn St, Michigan St. Ohio St.

Throw all these B1G schools away.

Urban Meyer finna have some more "chest pains" and find himself in a casting booth before taking another job. Football is one big frat.


Whoa, I didn't even know all this is going on. That's crazy.

Jim Harbaugh is breathing a huge sigh of relief right now (if he is indeed let go) :p

Only other coach that would be left to really challenge Nick Saban would be Dabo. And he's gonna leave and come home when Nick retires ;)


“Aww, it’s so...average,” she said to him in a cold brick of passion
There is no way he can say he didn't know

Thats my view as well. And even if he truly didn't know he should still be fired for being that ignorant of something so important going on inside his own staff.


“Aww, it’s so...average,” she said to him in a cold brick of passion
UPDATE: Actual interview with the victim of the domestic abuse.

Yeah Meyer need to be fired immediately. There is no way that he didn't know this was going on if his wife was aware of it.
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Meyer being a piece of shit isn't news. Nor is the fact that college coaches will allow all manners of shitty behavior if it helps them win. Glad to see this catching up to him though. He'll be fired and allowed to call it a "resignation" most likely.

Also, lol at the interview. At first I thought she was interviewing herself.

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Dude Abides

In a weird twist, scumbag lying felon James O’Keefe has put out a video purporting to expose Meyer’s record of abusing players. No link because fuck James O’Keefe.


The O’Keefe/Project Veritas video is here:

As a Florida fan, this is very unsettling. You could tell that after that second National Championship, the players really seemed to have a chip on their shoulders toward Urban Meyer. It’s no wonder they weren’t performing because that man was abusing and putting those guys through hell. I wonder if Jimbo Fisher was doing the same at Florida State and that is why that team bottomed out as well.


“Aww, it’s so...average,” she said to him in a cold brick of passion
Man after everything I saw and heard today on ESPN and social media I have the distinct feeling Urban Meyer is gone. Between his own statements and the victims statements it has put Ohio State in a REALLY bad position.

Good riddance.
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