Upload VR Showcase 2022


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Join us for the Upload VR Showcase, at 8am PT for new game reveals and trailers.

00:00 Pre-Show Begins
04:32 Shock Troops Trailer
07:55 Vail Trailer
11:10 District M Trailer
14:00 Intro
14:20 Broken Edge Reveal Trailer
16:37 Welcome!
17:24 Zenith: The Celestial Throne Update Reveal Trailer
18:50 Green Hell VR Launch Trailer
19:53 Final Fury Reveal
21:02 Nerf Ultimate Championship Release Date Trailer
23:05 Unplugged Pantera DLC Reveal
23:45 Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate Trailer
25:41 Cosmonious High Accessibility Update Reveal
27:36 Greg Miller's Updates!
29:51 After The Fall Trailer
30:21 Stride Multiplayer Launch Trailer
31:42 HeliSquad: Covert Operations Reveal Trailer
32:30 The Twilight Zone VR Mixed Reality Trailer
34:01 PathCraft Reveal Trailer
34:54 Hubris Developer Update
36:56 The Patcher
36:56 Mid-Show Interlude And Moss: Book 2 Update
37:41 Ragnarock DLC Launch Trailer
39:41 Propagation VR Developer Q&A
41:37 Kiwi Designs Spot
42:27 Mothergunship: Forge Launch Trailer
43:21 Liminal Phase Reveal Trailer
44:32 Hellsweeper VR Trialer
45:56 Espire 2 Developer Diary
48:37 Between Realities Games Montage!
50:57 We Are One Trailer
52:15 What The Bat Reveal Trailer
53:27 Gambit! Trailer
55:10 Among Us VR Trailer
56:56 Killer Frequency Reveal Trailer
58:04 Outro
58:40 Making Planet Upload With Rosie Summers!
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