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Untitled FPS from Hong Kong Massacre developer Vreski


This is looking insanely good.
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Very impressive destruction. Just goes to show what is possible with next gen CPUs but sadly the industry is not interested in next gen experiences right now.


Watcha talking about wilis? Majority of the 1st party games that were announced by Microsoft are purely next gen....

State of Decay 3
Hellblade 2
Indiana Jones
Perfect Dark
Outer Worlds 2

And I am 100% positive Sony has their own lined up as well, but they are waiting to release Horizon Forbidden West, GoW Ragnarok and GT7 before unleashing their load with next gen announcements and whatever Naughty Dog is making and so on.

I mean hell...Spiderman 2 and Wolverine 2 are their 1st announced true Next Gen titles.

I will never understand why people always cry and moan about no next-gen games when new consoles launch. It's ALWAYS like this, the first year or so is a bunch of crossgen stuff. I would argue that this cross gen period is far better than PS4/X1 was so far.
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This one is great too:

Looks neat, but why does a barrel of dust appear after every bullet hits the car glass?

Its the law of the Heroic Bloodshed/Hong Kong Blood Opera genre:

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