Uncharted: The Movie: The Ride | Drake brings the adventure to Spain in 2023




Coming in 2023 to PortAventura World, an amusement park in Spain. This is based on the Tom Holland movie, but maybe if they can't get Tom for the ride they can get a good actor to play the character, somebody like Nolan North...

Thanks to our licensing agreement with Sony Pictures, we can offer visitors nothing less than a completely unique adventure. To make this a reality, we have designed a ride that will not only be the first of its kind in the Resort but will also blaze a trail for the rest of Europe to follow: the first dark ride roller coaster.

Under the name of Uncharted, PortAventura World’s new ride has been created with the whole family in mind and will be located in the Far West area. Once you climb aboard you will enter the dangerous search for one of the greatest treasures never found, you will experience a new type of adrenaline, and you will live an adventure in which everything is possible.

The bravest adventurers will travel nearly 700 metres in vibrant and enthralling surroundings where they will discover dark and uncharted territories in an expedition that is guaranteed to thrill. Before this, there will be a pre-show full of surprises that, in addition to setting off the chain of events, will turn this treasure hunt into a completely immersive adventure.
  • 4800 m2
    The Uncharted attraction has a surface area of 4,800 m2.
  • 1 g acceleration
    This new dark ride features 5 launches with up to 1 g acceleration.

In 2023, step into uncharted territory

Uncharted promises to be one of the year’s greatest experiences, not only at PortAventura World, but also in Europe. The continent has never seen a ride like it and you (yes, you) are going to have the opportunity to experience it next year.
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