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Unboxing the ZELDA: Tears of the Kingdom OLED Nintendo Switch


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For every person that complains about it here, there's 20 more that will click because of it
20 mind weak people acting as intended.

Big Mouth Lol GIF by MOODMAN


Not sure whats to supposed to expect for this unboxing?
But this thumbnail is the literal face of a soycuck...so I'm gonna pass. Ew...

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Pro Anti-Consumerism
1 - NeoGaf user sees a YouTube video by a popular creator because thumbnail and title caught his attention and makes a thread on it

2 - People star talking crap about the thumbnails

3 - They click the video anyways to give some watch time because of curiosity and feeding the algorithm.

4 - Continue talking shit and give free traffic and advertisement and pushing the algorithm to make the video recommened to others on the platform.

5 - The creator gets free traffic, makes other jealous of their success and continues to laugh his way to the bank.

6 - Working as intended.

Keep hating - funny as fuck.
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I'm the asshole that can't watch Linus Tech Tips. Every one of his video thumbnails makes me want to rocket punch him into the stratosphere. Never seen a more punchable face.
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