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Ubisoft Massive’s open-world Star Wars game is reportedly planned for release by March 2024


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The title, which is in development at Ubisoft Massive, is scheduled for release during the company’s current fiscal year ending on March 31, 2024, according to two Kotaku sources.

However, they cautioned that the target is likely too ambitious, and said they expect the game’s release to ultimately be pushed to the following fiscal year ending in March 2025.


Even though I liked Jedi Survivor quite a bit, I've had enough of open world Star Wars games for now.


Too much to hope for a next gen take on bounty hunter, isn't it? Probably going to be another game about a plucky resistance type completing a handful of objective templates ad nauseum to stick it to the empire.

But just imagine an open-world bounty hunter game with a knockoff nemesis system (turnabout's fair play) generating personalized drama/missions on the fly. Oh well.


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A Division like SW game has some interest from me. Droids, Jedi, Bounty Hunters, and Scoundrels as classes would map well to it. I hope they show more soon.
Ubisoft can sometimes miss, but I feel like they get unfair stick a lot of the time, because it’s the easy thing to do.

Division is an awesome title. Lots of support, lots of content. I actually think Massive could really do Star Wars justice.

No. Just No.

Being a regular Division 2 player this couldn't be further fron the truth. Regular bugs, issues and botched launches is more closer to the truth than 'lots of support, lots of content'.

A heap of Division 2 influencers have jumped ship long ago to other games. PC version routinely crashes and has been doing so from launch AND its still an issue they never fixed. The influencers that remain have nothing good to say about the game's current support and how the devs interact with the community. Almost full year of radio silence from Massive on updates and content says a lot.

I still enjoy playing it but there's no roses and sunshine with the support of this game. It's the exact opposite and I wish another publisher would take over/buy out the IP because it has insane potential in the hands of a dev and publisher that actually gives a shit.

I'm not holding my breath for Massive/Ubisoft on a new Star Wars title going by how they've butchered The Division 2 and the relationship with the community in that game.
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So Massive Games will release two GaaS games within one Quarter both based on Disney IPs, highly doubt it
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Division 1 was some of the most fun I've had, was sold after enjoying the hell out of the beta. I think the downfall is expecting these GaaS games to be endless, play for a month or two then move on. No real strong reason why I didn't pickup Division 2 other than that I satisfied with the time I already spent with the first game.

Maybe if they are able to muster alot of hype and excitement around the beta and make that fun as hell could be something I could play on release.


They made a good open world game with Immortals: Fenyx Rising and everybody shit on it (presumably without playing).

You (yes, you) are to blame if they go back to their huge maps cluttered with copy & paste content.


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...Why is everybody so convinced that Massive Entertainment, who has never made an Assassin's Creed game, will be making this Star Wars game as an AC reskin?

(*Massive did make some DLC content in the Desmond's Journey extra content portion of AC Revelations, but otherwise, kind of a lame joke.)
Yeah. People first need to find the AC maps in The Division 2 before speculating that their Star Wars will be an AC reskin.


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Wish I could get excited for an Ubisoft game ... cant really remember the last time I played their games, much more beeing excited for one.

And I love star wars .. (the og, fuck disney)


I will save everyone the wondering.

/load asscreed
/load star wars skins
/swap skin packages
/prelim dlc packages
/prep day 1 patch
/final gold master
I'm guessing that it'll be a live service game made on the same tech as The Division. It wouldn't make much sense to throw a studio with experience in live service looter shooters to make an Ass Creed type of game.
This is going to be awful. Division was fun for a couple of hours then it became repetitive and boring. Escort these, capture this, defend that and follow the markers. Rinse and repeat.


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I'm guessing that it'll be a live service game made on the same tech as The Division. It wouldn't make much sense to throw a studio with experience in live service looter shooters to make an Ass Creed type of game.
Okay, so swap my asscreed for The Division reskin. 🤭

It's the Ubi way, afterall.
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