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Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment announce open-world Star Wars game



Publisher Ubisoft and The Division series developer Massive Entertainment have entered into a partnership with Lucasfilm Games to develop an open-world Star Wars game, the companies announced.

Development on the new title is still very early, and Massive Entertainment is still recruiting staff for the project. The Division 2 and The Crew director Julian Gerighty will serve as the game’s creative director, and it will use the Snowdrop Engine.

The Massive Entertainment-developed Star Wars game is the first major Star Wars game not developed by Electronic Arts to be announced in eight years.

According to Sean Shopaw, senior vice president of Global Games and Interactive Experiences at Disney, “Electronic Arts has been and will continue to be a very strategic and important partner for us now and going forward. But we did feel like there’s room for others.”

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"TODAY, LUCASFILM GAMES announced that it’s entering a partnership with Ubisoft to create an open-world Star Wars game. The title will be developed by Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment, marking the first time that a company outside of EA has produced a Star Wars game since Disney acquired Lucasfilm in 2012, ending nearly eight years of exclusivity. Also in the works is a new Indiana Jones game, to be developed by Bethesda Game Studios, a newcomer to Lucasfilm’s and Disney’s properties.

Let’s start with Star Wars. Development on this new title is still very early—Massive is still recruiting for the project even—so details are sparse. Julian Gerighty, director of The Division 2 and The Crew, will serve as the game’s creative director, and the title will use Massive’s Snowdrop engine. Beyond that, Lucasfilm Games hasn’t revealed anything about the characters or settings within the Star Wars universe that the game will feature."
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Oh my lawd...with all these games, this could be the best gaming generation in a while. What other games will we see?!
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Division 2 must be my most played game last gen, and honestly this could either turn out great or just another meh Star Wars title.

Gameplay wise Division 2 is amazingly fun, and I can see this play out more like a 1313 gameplay (more focus on gun gameplay). But right off the bat I don't think Massive can pull off lightsaber fighting on this one.
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Finally. Confirmation that Disney/Lucasfilm are going outside of EA to develop Star War titles.

Not sure of Massive doing a game. Never played The Division, but these guys made Assassin's Creed Revelations which was pretty good. Hopefully they can do something fans like me will enjoy.


fuck yea. i really enjoyed the division games. probably one of the best ubisoft games. at least it's not the assassin's creed studio.

I'm confused with all this new Lucasfilm malarkey. Does this mean EA is no longer the exclusive developer for Star Wars?
well this is ubisoft not EA so seems Disney had told EA to fuck off or that they won't get every game.
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I mean I ain't a fan of The Division games but can't really be any worse than EA's output.

Hopefully Sony get some sort of deal to make an exclusive single player game like they did with Marvel.


I have always wanted an open-world Star Wars game so I'm very excited about this. I hope we don't have to play as a Jedi in this. Would be great if we could make our own character.
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Finally the SW license gets to a publisher that gets shit done and we see more Star Wars games than the occasional Bettlefront.

Still hoping that Respawn continues working on and expanding Fallen Order thoguh.


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Very excited! Hope it's not some kind of looter "RPG" with bulletsponge enemies like The Division tho, that game wasn't for me.

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Wonder if this is actuallly a good news or bad news

I know people hate EA

But they seems to be heading into the right direction with Fallen Order

If Ubisoft turned Star Wars this into another one of their generic open world formula like AC, WD and Far Cry cant say im excited for that
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with the snowdrop engine, this thing is gonna look incredible. I feel Massive Entertainment is a perfect fit to make this.

Hoping it has the looting elements from the division games.
I agree. Somehow Division 1 looked so much better with the snow etc.

Also please make it something like Star Wars Galaxies where I can be simply a merchant.


so will this be an assassin's creed game just reskinned with jedi's I mean they both wear hoods and wield some form of sword full of mtx and season passes and multiple special editions with jedi mind trick as time savers for the small price to pay


Wow. I hoped for this moment for the past 8 years, but didn't actually think it would come to this: the EA deal seems to be off prematurely. What fantastic news! Maybe, future Star Wars games will also grace Nintendo consoles now. And release more frequently.


Oh God, not Massive. And not Ubisoft either. You just know this will have some viewpoint system, lots of collectibles, janky animations and probably not a good story.


Fuck me... From EA to Ubisoft. Why does Disney or whoever do this?
Fallen Order was good But glad the license isnt stuck with EA.

And ewww the Division creators....
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Good news. I expect it to be released in a timely fashion. Ubisoft gets a bad rap. They are capable of producing gems like Immortals, Mario + Rabbids, Rayman, etc.


As someone who really enjoys the Division 2, this makes me happy...with caution. This very well could be a game as a service title/division 2/destiny kind of game.

Or something different. Who knows except the people making it for now?

Still EA no longer having complete control should lead to interesting things now.
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Do something different... let us play Empire, its like people ignore the huge faction imbalance of the Old Republic MMO, everyone wants to be empire, it also means that's taking the morally grey or "evil" choice feels natural while the "paladin of virtue" good guy route is made more interesting by the fact your supposed to be evil... but arnt.

Hell Han Solo was in the Empire for years apparently, sure he hated it but he was there, and that was the most interesting part of that movie.



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Excellent news, and I think it's a win-win for gamers.

Yes, we may get some bad games, but because of the sheer number of games, we might also get some pretty good Star Wars games.

My question is that isn't Massive also working on an Avatar game? Or is this another team?
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