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Turbo Golf Racing - Gameplay


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Check out 11 Minutes of gameplay on the Urban courses in Turbo Golf Racing!
Get some arcade-style sports racing action in Turbo Golf Racing, out on Xbox Game Pass and Steam through Early Access on August 4th. Race up to 8 friends in competitive multiplayer or play solo as you try to sink your golf ball as fast as possible. Use Power Cores to change how your car drives through the rough, or how large your golf ball is. You can also customize and change your car to your hearts content.


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I was interested from the blurb on the game pass announcement but man, watching this, it doesn’t look very fun solo. Maybe the multiplayer will be fun though. I’m skeptical. The problem with cloning Rocket League is why would I play this over Rocket League.


The problem with cloning Rocket League is why would I play this over Rocket League.

Eh, but to be fair, it's not Rocket League...

It looks like Rocket League, it drives sort of like Rocket League, it's ripping tons of ideas off of Rocket League (which BTW, Rocket League came after like a dozen Car Soccer games, so we do need to be carful of condemning ripoffs outright if they also get things right or elevate the material,) it's something that could be made obsolete with a simple DLC addition of a golf mode to Rocket League if Psyonix actually made that mode... but the ruleset and mechanics and physics are very different in Turbo Golf Racing. One really is Car Soccer, the other is genuinely trying to be Car Mini-Golf.

The two can co-exist IMO, if Turbo Golf Racing ends up being any good.
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