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Business Game Dev Platform Tsuyoshi Kodera the man behind PlayStation’s online services is set to leave SIE


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman
Dec 1, 2014

Kodera, who was also briefly PlayStation’s CEO and President before the appointment of Jim Ryan, will move into a new role within the Sony corporation on April 1, it announced on Thursday.

The 30-year company veteran first joined SIE’s network team in 2010 as a senior vice president, but was later appointed president of the entire Sony Network Entertainment group in 2013.

As leader of the Network group, Kodera was integral to the launch of PlayStation’s flagship online services, including the modern PlayStation Store, PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now services, plus PlayStation Video and Music.

PlayStation Plus in particular – the service which offers online services, discounts and monthly free games – became one of Sony’s biggest revenue drivers during Kodera’s tenure, with the company claiming over 40 million paying subscribers as of May 2020.

In 2016, when Sony merged its Computer Entertainment and Network Entertainment divisions to create the modern PlayStation business, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Kodera was made deputy president.


thinks Halo Infinite is a new graphical benchmark
Aug 18, 2017
Mount Olympus
Sony’s commitment to online gameplay since 2010 may have been better than anyone else in the moment everyone is gushing over Gamepass but PS+, and SONY feel like they’re on the verge of a big move as this leave shows.