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Trek to Yumi made more money from Gamepass than PlayStation sales.

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I couldn't find it posted here, but it was very surprising to see that Trek to Yumi made more money from their deal with MS to put it on Gamepass than they did on all Playstation sales.
That's pretty amazing to think of.
Now with Sony doing their own version of Gamepass there might be a bidding war between both Sony and MS to get these games on their subscription service.
So much for Gamepass killing the industry.
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What is that website?

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I cry about Xbox and hate PlayStation.
I think that depends on which kinda game tbh.
you can say the same for GTA games, they sold very well without any need of subscription service.


You do know this is an article from may, and they are quoting a "random developer" and not one that worked on trek to yomi right?

It's the strange dude, that claims he has got a game on a game pass deal with MS, has a Claire from resident evil PFP.

I would personally ignore it.

As He didn't work on trek to yomi and I highly doubt he knows their deal with ms, as all are different apparently.

I'm not doubting that MS gives great money/compensates well for game pass titles.

But we also have no clue how this sold on playstation either.

The thread will instantly derail and turn into warriors arguing over trivial stuff too.

Or berating you for using a site no one had heard off.
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I always considered the game banal filler. It's nice that they made a little money, but I'd prefer that going forward Microsoft spend their Gamepass money much more wisely.
They put it at gamepass and earn for it 1000€
They put it at PSN and sell 10 copies at 60€.
Well of course the straight money from a service deal is better to a per copy deal when your game is SHEIT.


It released very close to the launch of the new PS+.
Very few people would buy new games right at the launch of the sub service
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