Top 10 Sega Genesis Soundtracks....


From Herzog Zwei, to Shinobi, to Alissa Dragoon, here are some of the all time greats!....

Good selection, but there is so much to listen to on MegaDrive. By far, my favorite old console for music (before we moved to redbook).

Here are some of my favorites :
Red Zone, Sub-Terrania, AWS Pro Moves Soccer, Dune II, Gauntlet IV, Verytex, Master of Monsters, Devilish, Comix Zone, Phantasy Star IV (PAL 50Hz), Shining Force II, Xeno Crisis, Savaged Regime's arrangements, Landstalker, Gunstar Heroes, Gleylancer, Mega Turrican, Cosmic Carnage (only uses the MegaDrive), Sonic 3D, Light Crusader, Hybrid Front, Crusader of Centy, Story of Thor, Streets or Rage, Golden Axe 3, Outrun 2019.


Not sure if Mega Turrican is in that video (I'll watch it later), I didnt play that game the first time round as it passed me by for some reason.

But the first stage level is particularly excellent and might have jumped to the top of my list its that's good (I'm listening to it right now).

I've no idea how they managed to pull that out of the MD soundchip, but there it is all the same. Man it gives the feels too, in the same way that Shovel Knight was somehow nostalgic whilst also being new to me!

Sonic music was great too of course, Starlight Zone is probably my fave Sonic track though, particularly the UK version, its works better slower imho.

I have so many other faves, like the SoR series, Golden Axe, Castle of Illusion, TF series and so on and so forth, Sega is the reason I love Retrowave music!
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Yuzo Koshiro was behind a good chunk of people’s favourites, that’s for sure. There won’t be a top 10 without him in it. But I don’t think Motohiro Kawashima gets enough mentions for his contributions to the soundtrack and the end levels SOR2. Shiva’s theme alone deserves recognition.
The fact that he included Road Rash in there kind of kills it for me, every single EA game on the genesis had the sound that gave the machine a bad reputation.
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