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Tom Henderson: UbiSoft has greenlit a new Splinter Cell

Sarah Fisher with emo look.. mark my words.

Sam Fisher probably won't have the emo look. The odds of two or more of his handlers having colored hair, half shaved heads, while giving him snarky comments throughout the game remains high.

Btw, isn't Ghost Recon Wildlands + Breakpoint the open world Splinter Cell people have been asking for (but not buying)?


Levels could be small open worlds like the map in MGS Ground Zeroes. That would be a good way to make this.
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Sam Fisher probably won't have the emo look. The odds of two or more of his handlers having colored hair, half shaved heads, while giving him snarky comments throughout the game remains high.

Btw, isn't Ghost Recon Wildlands + Breakpoint the open world Splinter Cell people have been asking for (but not buying)?
I didn't say Sam.. this game will surely be about her.. maybe mentored by her father.


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The word on the street is that after the BR backlash they just got they are making a new mainline SC game to try and 'win back the fans'. Ubisoft CAN make good games if they are actually invested in it, and it sounds like they are here.

Also Chaos Theory remaster or remake Plz and I'll let you fuck me up the ass with your season pass. K/thx/bi.


Hopefully, they keep the online bits for Spies Vs. Mercs and don't go full batshit battle royale. We need a true sequel to Double Agent, that game had such an awesome dynamic with the choices you made.

Sidney Prescott

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Surprised it took this long.

Splinter Cell has been asking for some love for years. At one point it was one of my favourite game series and I don't even like stealth games all that much.


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Prepare for an open world battle royale.
They REALLY need to cast Michael Ironside as the voice in your ear, like how Lambert was to Sam up until Double Agent. Ironside, as much as I loved him as the voice of Sam, needs to be given a great sendoff. I would prefer for him to nurture a younger, character as the next Sam Fisher - someone who is competent and a worthy successor than for them to force it. I think the series needs a soft reboot to establish itself again - like what Infinite has done for the Halo series. It needs to make sense, and be contextually sound.
Splinter Cell is in my top 3 all time favorite game franchises. After the first one, I was day 1 on every SC thereafter.

Yet to this day I've never even so much as seen gameplay of blacklist solely because they ditched Ironside. It hasn't been easy, but my boycott remains intact.

But you're absolutely right. Ironside is getting up there in age, and won't be able to work forever. So outside of recording Ironside speak every word in the english language... Your idea is the best logical choice. The ONLY way SC fans would accept a new protagonist, is if that character was fully supported and endorsed by Sam Fisher himself.

And yes, I cringed a bit while writing that. It's still 100% the truth.


So some massively bloated open world stealth game with repetitive tasks and 100 hrs minimum playtime to complete the story with a Splinter Cell skin will launch in 2024? Meh.


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About fuckin time.

Modern Splinter Cell. Please for the love of all that is holy, don't limit the abilities of spies or mercs in the multiplayer.

I hated playing as a merc and trying to place a clever mine only to get the message "You can't place that here"...or something to that effect.

Also don't allow spies to one shot merc from the front like in Blacklist...wtf is that shit.

Jump knockouts and neck breaking from behind complete with VOIP when you grab someone.

Been dying to snatch somebody's neck and whisper in their ear " Taste the Rainbow" right before snapping their vertebrae in two.

Edit: Also make the singleplayer largely llinear but with options for infiltration. Blacklist got it right.
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Just remake the first 3 or 4 games and include the online from Chaos Theory.

Will sell a shit ton.


Prepare for an open world battle royale.

Bring this on!

A stealth based, gadget focused, Intel driven BR would be the bees knees.

Personally, I think that would be awesome. Kind of like Ghost Recon multiplayer matches. Unfortunately, it wouldn't sell very well at all and streamers would never play it because it would honestly be pretty boring to watch.
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It will be a g-ass coop game with a lifeless open world and many many micro transactions. I just replayed conviction recently. That game fucking rules so much


Honestly even if it's not multiplayer, if it's an actual single player campaign, don't get too excited because it just can't be like the older games.

At this point I really think that Ubisoft just aren't able to make a game with a specific design, something that isn't part of their general formula. Every games they've been doing for years have been following their open world / Assassin's creed formula, even their racing / sport games.

If you get a new single player Splinter Cell game, it will most likely be an open world, with camps / bases to clean, and cleaning these will fill a gauge, and when that gauge is complete, you will unlock an actual mission to finish the region, and move on to the next which will follow the exact same pattern, during the whole game. You might also have some side quests / tasks to do, probably with maybe 5 type of different objectives to do, repeated and spread around the whole map.

I'd like to be wrong, but I don't think I am, and I even think that most employees working at ubisoft now probably don't even really know how to design something different than this, because a lot of developers working there, who joined the company during the last decade, probably never did anything different than this and were just trained to do this.

It would be nice if one day they could actually do a specific, unique game that is its own thing, but they gave up on this idea.
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Personally, I think that would be awesome. Kind of like Ghost Recon multiplayer matches. Unfortunately, it wouldn't sell very well at all and streamers would never play it because it would honestly be pretty boring to watch.

I'm not so sure.

The sweet spot in BR games, imo, is right between "I don't see a soul" (cold) and "put cursor on enemy before enemy puts cursor on me" (hot).

That lukewarm middle area has a lot of potential for interesting engagements and is what movies/tv mostly consists of.


If real, it will be another No Time To Die - with Sam dying and getting replaced by whichever minority is the current woke favorite.


Are you all ready for Tom Clancy's...

ELITE SQUAD 2 (Starring Sam Fisher)

In all seriousness, I'm down for more Splinter Cell. Of course, this is a Henderson story so I'm not exactly holding my breath on this thing actually happening.


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Splinter Cell is easy to get right. Think Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes but with more maps.

Agreed. I felt after Wildlands, they have a solid opening for Splinter Cell as its concept is very close to what we got with MGSV, they have a team that clearly can do those concepts and the reception that MGSV got as a open world also made it one of the best selling in the series history.

I think they have a shot and I think an open world Splinter Cell game where he is killing a bunch of targets in different methods ala MGSV, Hitman etc could work really well.
Waiting for the Battle Royale that has a class for Splinter Cell playstyle, a class for Ghost Recon playstyle, a class for Rainbow Six playstyle, and a class for XDefiant (CoD) playstyle.


i'd rather a remake of 1-4

they'll probably mess this new game up with with open world design or something. hopefully im wrong


Chances of the premise of the story behind a new Splinter Cell being harmlessly absurd is extremely high.

Fictional setting with a ton of drones and robots in play would be my guess.

And bring in characters from other Ubisoft IP's to distract from the ridiculous story about Sam Fisher infiltrating drone base on the moon to save the whales from being abducted by a sentient Voyager space probe returning to Earth.

The kids will love the crossovers from various other Iconic(tm) Ubisoft IPs.

Prepare for Sam to rescue Driver's John Tanner from an army of drones and robots controlled by a Rabbid.

Oh and there's a good chance that Sam will be presented as problematic and washed up in the eyes of every character in the game.
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NOT fucking it up would constitute:

- Taking into consideration that gamers as a whole, have accustomed to stealth gameplay throughout all the years of stealthgames so far and the games that have included stealth as just an additional ingredient to gameplay loop. Ergo; the stealthgames of the past are "too easy" by now. Everyone knows how to exploit the 'good ol' NPC routines by now. Any new Splinter Cell should design NPC AI as a Top-to-Bottom structure; ergo; the baseline AI should be razor sharp and the higher levels of game difficulty should not be defined by just higher damage taken from NPC fire - because the trick is to make it more challenging when fully ghosting. The AI should be given more means to counter the player, also preemptively.

- No more "interactive cutscenes" that eat up a big portion of gameplay nor those forced on-rails shootouts, let alone a First person shooter section as in Blacklist.

A good foundation would probably be:

- Conviction Deniable Ops; the baseline gameplay loop is still smooth like butter - but for any new Splinter Cell they should just make it so that it isn't all 5th freedom kill-all and it shouldn't be shallow as simple sweep-the-area missions.


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Splinter Cell is reportedly making a come back. Publisher Ubisoft has greenlit a new full-fledged sequel, according to Video Games Chronicle. While GamesBeat cannot confirm those exact details, they do line up with info we have about Ubisoft testing a potential Splinter Cell game over the summer.

Like many publishers, Ubisoft regularly runs testing sessions with consumers to get feedback on potential products. In the weeks before E3, Ubisoft had fans play the upcoming Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time Remake and something that had the appearance of a new Splinter Cell prototype.

The testers did not spend a lot of time with the possible Splinter Cell game. Ubisoft provided a vertical slice that was just a basic tutorial section. But this version of the game combined familiar Splinter Cell action with elements of the 2016 Hitman reboot.

This does not mean this is the same game that Ubisoft greenlit. The publisher is likely always testing and considering new possibilities for its upcoming games. And any eventual Splinter Cell release may look nothing like this secret prototype from early 2021.


By Tom Henderson, you mean Tom "CoD Vanguard is the best looking game evarrrrr oh wait maybe not... BF2042 looks amazingggggggggggg.. oh wait maybe not" Henderson, right?

If he says it's going to be good then we can guarantee it'll be shit.
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Sadly Ubisoft plans games to fit the current narrative of the world so when the game gets delayed 2-3 times and release 4 years later its going to be complete shit. Sad what they did to our Splinter Cell franchise. Can't just make a solid single player campaign with spys vs merc.



NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Back in 2002, a new IP took center stage. Splinter Cell was the latest entry in the stealth-action genre, largely inspired by the success of Hideo Kojima’s work on the Metal Gear Solid franchise. The game hit the scene in 2002 and was well-received by fans and critics alike on account of its deep tactical stealth gameplay, impressive visuals for the time, excellent voice acting and great use of lighting mechanics.

Splinter Cell would turn out to be a hit among fans and would go on to receive five mainline entries in the franchise before finally going dark following the release of Splinter Cell: Blacklist in 2013. Fans have been clamoring for a revival ever since, and it seems that a ray of hope has finally emerged.

Don't think they are going to do a new game like chaos theory.
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