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TLOU Part II has the best set pieces in a videogame ever (SPOILERS)


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Both tlou2 and uc4 got amazing quality set pieces.
But less than god of war 3 or uc2 and uc3.
Still, quality over quantity


Under that argument the Rat King is a "fantasy monster" as much as a bloater is, which was featured since the first game. I just see it as another variation of the infected, a very exceptional and rare one but plausible, and freaking awesome to look at. It's not really a "big departure", it's just a group of clickers blended together like rats because of very peculiar environmental circumstances.

Scars rely on hiding and shooting from strategic places, having a full knowledge of the terrain, ambushing, psychological intimidation, and picking apart the WLF in small groups. Their approach is similar to guerrilla warfare. They just don't go around shooting arrows in an open field against gun-armed men like retards, unless they're left with no other choice.

One of the major themes of the game is tribalism and extremism, specially because of cultural/religious beliefs and territorial control. The whole freaking game is pretty much a reference to the never ending Israeli-Palestinian conflict. That's why the seraphites are so peculiar, to accentuate the contrast with the opposite faction.
The bloater can just be a fat big human that developed differently, the rat king is a massive beast, it's a different methodology. Either way, it doesn't matter too much, but I certainly don't see the grounded approach in the last of us 2. Not only because of the rat king, but in the first game, they at least tried to convince you that joel migh be able to get through some of these areas, a person might be able to defeat 4-5 guys, maybe. In the second game, you literally play as a teenager running through armed trained forces. It's not the same approach.

Hiding from "strategic places" mean nothing when you face an army with assault rifles. Do you think the native americans could battle the nazy seals too? it's nonsense and unrealistic. It's something they made to create a "different faction" that feels different than the armed forces, it's not a grounded approach.

Virtually every doomsday game or movie plays on the tribalism and beliefs, it's trite. You can connect it to several conflicts on the surface, but anything more than that and it falls apart.
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