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Timed Exclusives: Are you willing to buy another console just to play a game delayed on another?

Time Exclusive...love em hate them?

  • Time Exclusives makes me buy new consoles.

  • The game was announced to be on my existing hardware for a later date. i can wait.

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I generally won’t buy these until they are super discounted on my platform of choice - don’t make me wait and expect me to pay full price.

additionally, it’s a terrible practise in general, unless you are contributing to the development (ie at least part funding it to get made) paying to keep it away from others is scummy af.
It would need to be one hell of a game for me to buy a console purely based off of it. Now lets say there was a time exclusive on a console I would want either way down the line then sure, as I'm just buying the console earlier then planned.


Lolz.....no, never. Such a waste. Systems cost way too much to be buying a system simply to play something early.

PC, Playstation console and Nintendo handheld will be my default combo for a long time. Has never failed me and with MS basically going 3rd party, seems like that combo is going to continue.


If the game is good enough I will buy HW for sure. If I have HW its coming to in 6month or less I can wait. But a year is too long for me.
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Steam fanboys do cry alot yes, and i enjoy it very much. :messenger_beaming:

Especially considering competing digital storefronts are straight up prohibited on console. If you don't like the console maker's store, you're not going to be playing digital software at all.


New Mass Effect (that is actually good)?
New Uncharted?
New God of War?
New Witcher?

I ain't waiting for a year I am getting the console.

I CAN wait for a lot of other games though even if I do plan to eventually play them.
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No, but then again I rarely purchase games day one. I have a decent sized backlog so I have enough stuff to entertain me until a certain game that I want reaches a low price that I'm willing to pay. Same can be said about temporarily exclusives. They'll eventually get released on a platform that I own, most bugs will be fixed and it's highly likely that is released as a complete version to justify the full price.


I think I have only done it once. I got the Dreamcast for Resident Evil Code Veronica. But if I recall, it was being advertised as an exclusive to the DC and may not count if the fact that it only came to PS2 due to Sega going under is true.


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They did this with Yakuza Like a dragon, its a timed next gen exclusive... I have a PS5 and am a huge Yakuza fan. So yeah timed exclusivity means jack shit to me really.


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And this is why there's no point in Microsoft making bathesda games timed exclusives

I watched similar situations unfold in smartphone land.

One one hand it makes sense: drive ppl to, keep ppl in your ecosystem

On the other hand: money talks. If you stand to make more money by not having a product, service exclusive, make it multi platform. If the Series consoles start selling similar or worse than the XBO? Best believe they will make those games multi platform.
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Even an exclusive game won't make me buy the other console, so a timed exclusive ? :messenger_tears_of_joy:
I don't buy a console for one or two exclusives, I buy it for the whole offering.

Stupid practice for both first and third parties, and gives the impression I am being taken for a fool. I don't support this.
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At some point players will have emulators and the big launch exclusive moment is ruined.
I seriously wonder if timed exclusives end up making money for Sony or MS or if it's just a gotcha deal. Like MS with Tomb raider, I can't imagine they made too much from that deal.

But no, it'd be really dumb to do so, esp. in this day and age where the game probably isn't complete day 1 anyways. You'll get a better game by waiting anyways!


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Timed exclusives are pointless. And no I have not once bought new hardware to play a game simply because they’re delayed.

I haven’t even bought new hardware because of a full gen third party exclusive. It’s still a short term stunt, and just one game, I don’t buy new hardware because of that.

What works is buying a studio or making multiple great 1st party exclusives, then I know I’ll get multiple games I can’t get elsewhere so a new hardware purchase might actually be an okay investment.
Nah. As I get older, life seems to get more busy. I'm more than fine waiting until price drops on games over the past few years. Timing restriction fall into the same boat.

I would be curious on hard sales data for timed releases


Typically, no. I'm trying to think of an example where I bought a system for a game that was GOING TO BE available on a system I already owned.

The only thing that comes close is buying a PS4 for Destiny because of the exclusive content. (that was a mistake, but the PS4 turned out to be an amazing system)
Timed exclusive is a ridiculous term. After that timeframe is up it is not exclusive...therefore it never was and only serves to entice consumers to buy a console for a game they want to play now.

No, it means exactly what it says. It's exclusive for a set period of time.
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Moot for me as I buy all three console the true exclusives anyway. If a timed exclusive is die thing I’m hyped to play day one I’ll buy it on that platform.


No. I normally only buy a console when there is a game I want to play on it. I am going to get a Series X just to upgrade my setup. But other than that I don't look at game exclusivity to purchase a game.

Alan Wake

Depends on two things: which game it is (obviously) and if it's a console I would want for another reason also. I bought the Xbox One to play Rise of the Tomb Raider, which didn't land on PS4 until a year later, but at that time there were a number of other games that made the console appealing too.
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Yep. If you told me all PS5 exclusives would come to PC 6 months a week later, I'd still keep my PS5 to play them day one.

Is it the most logical approach? Nope, but I can spare £500 for a box for my living room. Makes sense for many others to not do so.
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I've done it before so I answered "Yes."

It takes the perfect storm of the right game + me being particularly bored at the time though.. normally I'd just be patient, but.. it can happen.

However I have owned all for a long time now so unlikely to ever happen.. but if say Google Stadia got a timed exclusive, I might be bored/impatient enough to buy it on Stadia for instance.


Yes, if the game I'm interested to be played immediately at launch on it.
There are reason why 99% timed exclusivity deal don't state the length so buy consoles and play it day one or waiting for 1-2-forever for PC version released.

Valve should be more aggressive for making a deal especially for big Japanese games cause Sony always "steal" these deal from PC.


If it's up to 12 months of a delay, then I don't have a problem waiting. The worst thing is if you don't know for sure if and when it's going to hit other platforms.
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Nope, I can wait. I have WAY too many games as is, across all platforms... Why would I want to pay to beta test a day 1 unfinished game? I'll gladly wait until a complete and polished version is out, and pay one price for it.

Upcoming Nioh 2 on Steam is a good example. One price for the Complete edition, vs paying the same price at launch for only the base game, and god knows how many bugs that have since been patched.


1 year exclusive means nothing to me. Specially if it’s a console exclusive and coming to pc same day as the console that has the exclusive deal .

if a game is is fully exclusive and not coming to pc at all or the other console, then I’ll count it as a game I want to play and probably buy a console for it .
I remember buying Xbox one for titan fall 1.

As a person who really switched fully to pc gaming recently ,

I find the Xbox is useless for me ( but I do have the series S for my son with game pass )

as for the PlayStation goes . Only god of war and ghost of Tsushima appeal to me . Last of us 2 is meh and not into spider man.
So I am waiting for really good PlayStation exclusive and I’ll buy one .
Like.... new twisted metal game ? I am there day one . But new uncharted ? Pass


I always wait for the game to hit my preferred platform. Like, the definitive edition of FF7R should hit PC any month now and I don’t feel like I missed out on anything by waiting.


I really hate timed exclusive, I may end up not buying the game at all because of some exclusive content or timed exclusivity. I find it really stupid for a company to pay for something not to release elsewhere out of spite.
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