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This GameBoy Can Play Dreamcast N64 PSP & More - Raspberry Pi 4 Gameboy PiBoy DMG


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

In this video we take a look at the al new PiBoy DMG by experimental Pi. This is absolutely amazing because it’s powered by the Raspberry Pi 4 and runs RetroPie! I’ve done a bunch of reviews on Raspberry Pi powered DMG GameBoy handhelds and this is by far the best! So yeah, it's powered by the Pi4 has an IPS 3.5 Inch screen and it even has a built-in cooling fan for the Raspberry Pi 4! If you have ever wanted to play N64 Dreamcast PS1 PSP NeoGeo Sega genesis SNES and more on the Gameboy this might just be for you!



Doesn’t the RPi4 require a fan otherwise it will throttle? I assume the battery life sucks on this with anything demanding. 3 hours seems OK though.
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Yeah, but does it cost $200 and will it ship a year from now?

(but this is a cool gadget and for $120 seems like an easy pickup)
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so the first thing I noticed, wtf is up with that button labeling??

why the fuck is it a reverse version of Sega's layout? that's gonna be hella confusing when playing MegaDrive games n stuff.
in an emulation machine like this I wouldn't label buttons at all, just have them be blank.


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A couple of good consoles on handheld still would buy the original unless I’m desperate for those games on the go


I'm not going to do a long jump (Z+A) in SM64 with this. Is the C-button even practical for N64 Zeldas?
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Why the fuck would you make this in GB form? Most of the games it advertises will play like shit with it and the button layout. Should have gone for something closer to a controller with a screen, like a vita (just add r2/l1 triggers)

Is this a joke? An extremely low powered device might be able to "play" ps1, n64 and Dreacmast, but will it do a good job of it? Fuck no. And those controls? lmao
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Yeah, i'm tired of all these cheap, low performance devices that rely on old version/performance oriented emulators, with no consideration on accuracy. These things hold emulation back. This one isn't even cheap.

If i really want a pocket device for emulation i'd rather get a more powerful android phone (that can at least handle a recent version of MAME, instead of one from 10 years ago at best) with a controller add-on. Otherwise just stick to a PC please.

One thumbstick for Halo? No, no, no.
Halo? In what form can this device run Halo?
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Ugly af but I like the concept. I ordered a Retroid Pocket 2, which also plays Dreamcast, PS1, N64, DS, PSP and everything older than that while looking quite nice. Also running on Android which is nice.

I'm planning on making a thread about it when I got it and played around with it a bit.


Plays with kids toys, in the adult gaming world
Cool but should have been in a game gear type of shell

The gameboy was always ugly
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