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This "Dark Souls ain't that hard really" and "Kena's bosses are easier than you think" crap really needs to end


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Probably not for you then. I just remember the conversations that DeSo sprang with my circle of friends. It was almost like being back on the playground and sharing cheat codes for the NES.
I remember dying one hundred million times and then selling it on eBay. It was a turbulent relationship.


People saying games like Dark Souls are easy are people that are "veterans" in these kind of games with hundreds if not thousands of hours played.

Most have forgotten the first time they played the games and died 30 times in a boss.

Me for example, to beat Sekiro was immensely hard especially bosses like the last one or the Ape.

But now?Now i can beat anything in that game with ease.So sometimes i even find my self saying that it's easy to other people.


I think its just the first time you play these games.
The first time i played Dark Souls it was the most challenging, new genre, didnt know where to go, bosses were dealing a lot of damage, but after you beat the game 1 time you can get used to the genre and finish the others easier.
Dark Souls is not very hard as some people claim, they are however challenging games, not easy for sure.
Sekiro is the hardest, followed by Dark Souls 3, followed by Nioh 2, and then Bloodborne and then Dark Souls 1, then Dark Souls 2 then Demon's Souls. This based on soulslike.
The one game i can safely still say that its hard is Sekiro, all the other were challenging in certain places for short period of time, after you get the hang of it its easier.

Ironically i thought a game like Pathologic 2 was harder than all of them, to survive in the game i had to cheat lol. I mean you can survive without cheating but you get a nightmare ending. It's also the only time i cheated since i became an adult, i used to cheat when i was a kid, i used to cheat Heroes of Might and Magic 3, Commandos, Age of Empires 2 and Doom. Old games, i was a kid in the late 90's, im 28 years old now, so when i was at that age i had no idea how to play properly.
Recently i cheated in Pathologic 2, thank god there was a console and you can tweak difficulty in it, though they warn you it harms the experience, i alwasy tweaked it back when i got what i wanted, if i reach a sticky situation, lol, still cheating but i didnt want to suffer, still i died few times, i dont like cheats that makes you god mode, i only cheated some potions to help the sick people and cheat in the settings of the game to give myself more speed to reach places before time runs out, so the kind of cheat i do is only to see better ending for the game, i didnt want to do a replay since the game atmosphere is so oppressive it makes you feel sick.
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You getting all pissy about other people's shit takes? Seems like a waste of energy to me. Just ignore others.
Not sure why you feel so attacked by this but fair enough!

As for Dark Souls, I’m pretty average with regard to skill level in the majority of games and beat all souls games. The first game is the most difficult because you’re learning, once you learn the systems and level up a bit, they feel a lot more fair and the challenge is more consistent (aside from a few bosses that really are hard to beat).


If people wanna brag about their skill by beating Dark Souls I can only laugh.
If you wanna show off your skill beat something like Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 on Master Ninja when you can talk.
But the point is precisely that there isn't anything "brag-worthy" about beating Dark Souls.
It's really not much of a hard game. Op just hates to admit he sucks unwashed ass.


I really don’t understand why they are considered so difficult. The only difficult part are the more cryptic questlines and the different outcomes. Siegmeyers questline for example.

The games are actually pretty forgiving compared to many older games. The Souls-series arrived at a time where most games were holding out hands way too much, and personally I’m very thankfuk for it because I was about to give up on gaming because many games started to feel way too easy and unsatisfying.


You know maybe the genre isn't for you and it's ok, not everyone need to have everything designed around his taste. The game are hard compared to current times, but just normal if you come from old times gaming.
I like souls + bb but I dont enjoy the vagueness of it all and the settings. The gameplay loop is really good and rewarding, and yes hard. But i cant help but get bored halfway through them and eventually dropping them.

Im under the assumption that Sekiro has a more streamlined story so maybe ill try that

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Souls games are hard, people should be able to just accept that. They clearly aren't insurmountable but they also aren't the type of game that you can just pick up and dominate. That's what makes them so difficult, at least for me, they require more time than I am willing to give them. Huge fan of those types of games though, they're brilliant.

It's like with classic RE titles, some people think they're insanely difficult/archaic and they can be if you aren't accustomed to their mechanics. Those games are easy to me but I totally understand that for some people they're too daunting.
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I think something important to think about is also what a person consider "hard", because I think this can really vary, even without talking about actual skills or anything.

For example, if I die on something several times, I won't necesarilly consider it "hard", I just consider it normal, if I beat a boss on the 6th try, that's just a normal thing to me, but someone else might consider that it was hard after only 2 attempts, and in the end I won't be frustrated while someone else will be, even if it took us the same amount of time. I know my step brother always say stuff like "wow wtf, it's hard here" when he dies once or twice in a game, but I personally think that something where you instantly win everything isn't interesting, so it's a very different point of view, and not always a skill difference, although people who agree with death in games are more often willing to try again and improve.

Regarding Dark Souls... I think the lack of instant check points and such is what can lead to thinking it's hard, but the fights in themselves aren't that hard, they are just more scary because you will lose more progression if you die, but there are other action games that have much harder combats, but with a checkpoint just before the combat and nothing to lose, so it doesn't feel as punitive. It's not really a difficulty thing.
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