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There is a strong possibility Ghost of Tsushima 2 releases the same year as Assassins Creed Code Red, which do you think will be better?

Which ninja game will be superior?

  • Assassins Creed Code Red

  • Ghost of Tsushima 2

  • I’m honestly not sure, it depends

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As someone who just now finished Ghost of Tsushima (playing the Iki DLC at the moment) and played a bunch of AC games, they all suffer from way too much padding.

GoT can get especially infuriating given the inability to skip cutscenes, and the amount of quests where we need to follow a slowly moving NPC is way too damn high.

I get that it's cooler to shit on Ubisoft than on Suckerpunch nowadays, but the truth is that GoT isn't perfect and they did repeat a bunch of mistakes that Ubisoft did with the latest AC titles. I did hear and read that Valhalla is especially bad with the padding issues though.

But both dev houses have the ability to make spectacular games. I am perhaps more concerned about Ubisoft's policy of pushing a live service through future AC games, but that doesn't mean the single player portion needs to be bad.


GoT II will almost certainly better it on combat and story, I imagine things like the: graphics, soundtrack, progression and miscellaneous stuff will be similar in quality.

GoT is like AC with a lot of the bloat left out and more polish.
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GOT2 of course. Ubi been a joke since awhile, Sony has to give it to 343i if they really want it to be less good than the AC.
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If they can make GOT less repetitive, it will be the goat. Last game i completed everything and it gets slightly boring.


Ghost because the combat was alot alot better than anything assassins creed has given out. And some other reasons.
Ill be buyin both if the new Assassins Creed is less of an RPG
One is a samurai game, one is a ninja game; literally asking if apples are superior to oranges.

If the question is which one will sell more, it's obviously AC RED.
Thats not a question genius thats a fact. GoT2 will be almost certain only on PS5 and AC Red wil be as multiplatform as possible
Ghosts has much more satisfying combat, along with a more organic discovery/exploration design that didn't overwhelm the player. All that does matter. That said, once I got past that, maybe a dozen or so hours in, I realized structurally it was pretty similar to Ubi's game design and I fell off. Please for the love of god, give an open world game without a huge ass skill tree and much of the combat encounters won't involve infiltrating enemy camps, with much more varied/in depth gameplay activities than combat!

Please look at Way of the Samurai series, a technically janky but gameplay rich open world where there is so much interaction, flexibility, playstyle, and possibility around every turn. In terms of holistic game design it's so far ahead of every open world game it's not even funny. There's dozens of ways you can change the outcome of your story at any point in the story. Even how you start your story is entirely dependent on what direction you start walking at the beginning. You can interrupt cutscenes by pulling out your sword at any time for god's sake!

Would love for the next Ghosts game to have more gameplay variety. Would love for AC Red to focus on depth of what you can do, not breadth.


Tsushima was the evolution of Assassins creed that i wanted. stealth was amazing. sword play was great. probably my most favorite open world game. i enjoyed 100% on that game. nothing really dragged on. Cant wait for a sequel
Never played ghosts but if ur saying Ac has better stealth… damn how bad is the stealth in Ghosts, because it’s TRASH in the last 3 AC games
I’m currently playing Origins and the combat is terrible in comparison but the parkour aspect really gives it an edge on GoT if you ask me. I go all stealth kills anyway so the shitty combat doesn’t really worry me.

And I am for hype for Red.


Ubisoft open world games are basically all mostly the same formula. The whole "same, but different, but still the same" is something that fits here for their titles.


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Which game will be rated AO for having "real gambling" as a game mechanic? Which game will have "Helix Credits" in bundles of up 99.99 to buy items that should have just been in the game as rewards anyway?

Yeah I don't think that one should be winning out against a team that did none or that BS first time and also had a better combat system.

I will let you guys guess which one is which...
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Despite the similarities between the two IP, GoT 2 will be the better product.

I just have much more confidence in Sony & Sucker Punch in fulfilling a sequel.
Assassin’s Creed has been pretty much the same game for 3 iterations, in different locations.

…Actually I think from Origins - Valhalla they got worse.
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GoT all the way, I loved most of the first game and was bothered only by few minor things. Meanwhile Ubisoft needs to prove first they haven't forgotten how to make good and not bloated AC games.


I give GoT the award for "Most compelling yet forgettable game".

I played all the way through and can't recall a single moment, other than making a Haiku.
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It'll be hard to beat Ghost of Tsushima 2.

I'm surprised Ubisoft chose Japan, simply for the fact that comparisons will be easily made to GoT, and most likely unfavorably. I guess for those without a PS5, it'll be the only choice.

Ubisoft should have picked China or another asian country for their game.
Unfortunately China is taken by Black Myth (if it's real...) so maybe Korea? lol


I loved Valhalla, and Im playing through GoTS right now.

I will say that beating GoTS will be a tall order, as the genuine atmosphere of feudal Japan is unmatched. GoTS will assuredly be incredible. Though Ubisoft are masters of atmosphere if Valhallla is any indication.

Also, the snippet for AC Red looks like you are in the role as a Ninja, whereas GoTS the protagonist is the role of Samurai.

Getting both regardless.


I'd put the recent Assassin's Creed games and GoT in the same category: 'good, not great'.

I don't think there's much between them honestly.
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I want a Shinobi experience, so I'm more excited about AC: Red, then GoT2.
An open world stealth games tickles my insides. :p

I'm sure both games will be enjoyable.
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